Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 9)

  • Dec 27, 2019

I write for the ninth part of how you can use plastic bottles for the benefit of garden and kitchen garden. This topic was vast and very important.

Some of my readers believe that the products of the bottles spoil the appearance of the site. Indeed, some of them may not look very carefully, however, they are available and practical.

1. A temporary valve for crane

A photo: JPG
A photo: JPG

Plastic valve for tap - something unreliable. He cracked in the cold, and it's easy to split a bucket or other heavy object. Therefore, it is often suburban taps remain without valve. In this case, there are two options:

  • You can buy a completely new crane;
  • You can buy a separate valve. In the search would have to spend time, but you will save money;

But what to do if you live in the country all summer, and do not intend to go into the city for shopping? In this case, you can help a self-made valve bottoms of plastic bottles. To create it will take no more than 30 minutes.

  • Take a 0.5-liter bottle and cut off at the bottom of it;
  • Treat the sharp edges of sandpaper or other abrasive material;
  • We remove the exact size of the "bar", on which is mounted a valve;
  • We are scratching the nail in the middle of our bottoms squares with "bar";
  • Take a thin knife, heat it and cuts a square hole;
  • We put a new valve on the tap.

This design does not look very attractive, but it copes with its responsibilities. This valve is much better than to open and close the valve with pliers.

2. Protection for ax

From plastic bottles of 0.5 liters can make excellent protection ax. This will avoid damage and splitting after unplanned strikes the wooden part.

The creation of protection will take no more than 30 minutes. We need an ax, a plastic bottle of 0.5 liter capacity and a heat source (Can be a powerful industrial or household hair dryer can be gas or electric tile)

  • Take the bottle and cut off her neck and the bottom;
  • We don the resulting plastic cylinder for ax and presses against the metal parts;
  • Now it remains the most difficult - our task is to heat the bottle so that she tightly wrapped around the wooden part. Need to heat evenly, otherwise remain dense projections and defects.
    If there is industrial dryer - great, if not, it will have to be heated over the stove.

The result is a solid plastic protection of the wooden ax.

3. Growing tomato top back

A photo:
A photo:

6-liter cans from the drinking water may be used as pots for growing up tomato roots. This unusual technology has a number of advantages, of which I wrote earlier. (Reference material about growing up roots leave comments)

To create such a pot, in cans is only necessary to cut off the bottom. Otherwise, the container is completely suitable for the cultivation of low varieties of tomato roots upwards.

To consolidate the pot into the container needs to be done in two holes 4 cm. from the edge. cans of plastic is strong enough to withstand the adult plant with fruits after a heavy watering.

4. Filter for liquid fertilizing

A photo:
A photo:

Because the plastic bottles of 2.5 liters can make an excellent filter for liquid fertilizing. He acts on the basis of the colander. Infusion filtered through a bottle with holes and into the bucket where subsequently be diluted with water (if necessary).

To create such a filter is necessary to take a bottle of 2.5 liters volume and cut her neck. Next, take a small bar and fasten the bottle on one side. This is done so that the filter is held on the bucket. Now we have done in the bottom of 10 to 30 holes. (The number and size depends on what you want to filter)

Even more ways to beneficial use of plastic bottles you can find on my site - Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 10)

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