How to distinguish a fake seeds: 5 Simple Steps

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Any gardener knows that the future crop depends on seed quality. Whatever it was not a fertile land, and no matter how much effort we put into the work, not work to grow rich culture of unsuitable seed. That is why it is important to be able to distinguish a fake from the original material.

Last year, the choice of seeds, I have often encountered frauds and low-quality products. So I want to share my experience selecting seed.

The whole process I is divided into 5 basic steps.

1. Pay attention to the store

The first thing to pay attention to the store. It is very important. Never buy seeds on natural markets, one-day camping, near the metro, railway stations and other unsafe locations. Most of the counterfeit material is sold there.

Vendors on the street and in the transitions are not able to store the seeds in the proper conditions. Even if they sell the original seed, it can be damaged.

Do not buy the seeds in a crumpled and torn packages. Even if they are sold on the stock is 50% cheaper.

The best place to buy seed, this specialized gardening shops. Prices there may be higher than the market, but a chance to buy a fake is greatly reduced.

Also, I would not recommend to buy seeds in supermarkets. In the pursuit of profit, the big stores put up seasonal goods without checking their quality. Therefore, unwittingly, often sell fake or low-quality material.

2. Please pay attention to the price

Another factor that should not immediately notice is the price. Most fake seeds sold at 20-30% cheaper.

The thing is that unscrupulous manufacturers need as quickly as possible to sell a fake party, yet they have not filed a claim. That is why they are willing to heavily underestimate the price and do a variety of actions, "1 + 1 = 3".

Buy seed of discount should only proven specialty stores. Otherwise, this is a very serious risk.

3. Pay attention to the manufacturer's

Buy seeds only proven and reliable manufacturers. You should not be conducted on the beautiful names, various innovations, "foreign leaders" and other similar tricks.

Always re-read the title, and look for the logo. Unscrupulous manufacturers copied trademarks slightly changing them. For example, a single letter can be changed in the title and in the logo several colors and details.

4. We ask a quality certificate

Any conscientious shop, at the first request, shall be obliged to show you the certificate of conformity of seed. And the seller response should be perfectly normal, without smirks and recriminations.

If the seller is a long time looking for a certificate and tries to get away from the topic, most likely the document is missing. This behavior should alert you.

Do not hesitate to ask for certificates and documents, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

5. Learning package

Before you buy be sure to carefully examine the packaging. Primary part of fake seeds can be determined precisely on it. You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Bag should be made of heavy paper, which is difficult to break (Of course within reasonable limits);
  • The name and image should be well properly formed, and small text is easy to read;
  • On the package should be the manufacturer's full name, address and contact details;
  • The name of culture and class must be written in accordance with GOST. No folk commonplaces and definitions;
  • The packaging must be specified current seed number or weight;
  • It is mandatory to be the batch number, as well as guests who corresponds to the seed;
  • Pay attention to the expiration date. The figures must be clearly faded or embossed;

These simple rules will help you select and high quality seed. They have not just saved me from purchasing counterfeit products.

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