Why seedlings stretched and weakened: the main reasons

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: http://ogorod23.ru/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/PomidoryiRassadaVyityanulas5.jpg
A photo: http://ogorod23.ru/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/PomidoryiRassadaVyityanulas5.jpg

Any gardener knows that next year's harvest begins with the seedling. That depends on it if accustomed plant well, how to develop and bear fruit. Therefore, seedlings, usually, always pay special attention to. Trying to create the best conditions for growth and development.

How did hurt when despite all efforts, the seedlings start to stretch and pale. What are the reasons for such behavior of plants?

In this article I planted on the main errors that lead to stretching and weakening of seedlings.

Why seedlings stretched?

There are several main reasons because of which the seedlings stretches and weakens. All of them are related to improper planting and care.

  • Too early planting seeds. Never hurry with sowing. After all, if the seedlings will be too long to be in the apartment, it will start to grow. And because of the lack of light and nutrients, plants will not be able to fully develop and will be attenuated.
    This is one of the most frequent causes of pulling seedlings.
  • Too dense planting. Keep the distance between plants should be not only in the garden, but also on the windowsill. The lack of light, oxygen, water and nutrients weaken future plants.
  • Insufficient amount of light. You have to be realistic and understand that the standard urban apartments very little sunlight. Often, it is not enough for the full development of seedlings. Plants are struggling will be attracted to the light, which would result in stretching and loosening.
  • elevated temperature. Too high ambient temperature will result in the fact that the plants will quickly stretch and do not have time to type "power". This is especially true for seedlings, which is on the windowsill under the radiator.
  • Excess moisture and nutrients. Too zealous care of seedlings lead to its zhirovaniju and hyper growth. Such a development would not be complete and balanced. Therefore, around the need to know when to stop.

What if the seedlings start to stretch?

You can use the purchased drugs inhibit the growth of stems and shoots to solve the problem, but you can try to determine the cause and deal with it on their own.

For example, if the cause is the increased stretching temperature, the seedlings in the nighttime better clean in a cool place.

I prefer to do without the purchase of chemistry and eliminate the cause of it stretching. I believe that it is better than using retardants. However, many gardeners, so many opinions.

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