How to protect the strawberries from birds: 3 effective Traditional methods

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Birds in the garden can bring not only benefits but also substantial damage. Especially during ripening strawberry. After all, this berry love to feast on virtually all feathered friends:

  • starlings;
  • sparrows;
  • magpies;
  • tit;
  • rooks;
  • crows;
  • and many others.

After the raid of guests berries can simply not stay. Therefore, the people have been invented many ways to scare away birds from the neighboring beds of strawberries.

In this article I want to describe the 3 most effective and proven methods that are suitable for all types of scaring birds.

1. rattles

Rattles are considered one of the most effective methods of scaring away birds. And it is not necessary to install a plastic bottle with nails that will annoy you and the neighbors.

Enough to buy an inexpensive Feng Shui rattle of bamboo sticks or in the form of tiny bells. There are such attributes to 300 rubles. Their pleasant sound will not be annoying, but it will be an excellent occasion for the birds to leave your site.

Install do not rattle on a nearby tree, and immediately next to the bed. To scare away the feathered guests, it is strong enough noise is required. If the rattle is located far away, its sound will merge with the general noise and no effect.

If next to the beds do not grow, you can simply plug in a pair of poles and hang out in between a few rattles. On the open space the wind will be stronger rock the bells, and the sound is more audible.

2. light reflectors

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Experienced gardeners have long noticed that the bright rays of light darting scare birds and do not give them a long time to stay in one place. This is why many gardeners use to repel various shiny objects. For example, it may be computer disks, foils, Christmas toys or pieces of mirror.

Our task is to consolidate as much as possible to shiny objects so that they swayed in the wind and reflect the sun's rays.

As is the case with rattles, light reflectors must be as close to a bed of strawberries. Otherwise, no effect will follow.

3. The canopy of the grid

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Grid has long been used to protect the beds from birds, dogs, cats and other animals. However, most effective, make it a high canopy, and not simply pull over the beds. Here are just a few advantages of this design:

  • Firstly, the high canopy is more convenient to work with. Net easily folds to the top of the design and bed remains completely free. If you pull the net between the pegs, then it must be completely removed before work, and then pull back. It turns long and impractical;
  • Second, low stretched grid does not save a bed of cats and dogs. Protection of just sag and bushes will be trampled. In addition, if a bird, the strawberries can also be damaged accidentally sits on the grid. In the case of a high canopy, until the berries is a great distance, so it is well protected from any "attack";
  • Thirdly, with arcs design assumes that the grid is stretched by its own weight and by means of cargo at the edges. Therefore, it will always retain its shape and not sag on plants.

The costs of creating such a canopy is minimal, but you forget all about the feathered friends.

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