Getting rid of flies in the area: an improved method for the village

  • Dec 27, 2019
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In the not very easy unlike mosquitoes and black flies, horse flies cope with. It's not easy to help fumigator or standard repellent. Need or strong chemicals, or thick clothing. However, both the first and second option to use at the cottage in the summer is very problematic.

As a child we were catching flies

I remember when he was a child we did the traps for flies from the old leaky ball and tape. Hung dark ball on the branch of a tree, and just above the attached adhesive trap. In the afternoon on the sun warmed the ball and horseflies from the neighborhood flocked to sit on a warm surface. We could only hit the ball with a stick to the insects flew and stuck to our glue.

When there was no adhesive tape, we took an ordinary gauze and do something like a dome. After hitting the ball flew and insects are trapped. It remained only to turn our canopy and crush the flies. The method is not very convenient, but as a child he liked us.

Doing the improved version of the trap

Since then, much time has passed and the disposal of gardeners, a host of scrap materials. Old rustic technique modernized and transformed into a trap that can work even without a human presence.

Create a trap may be out of scrap materials. The whole process takes about 3-4 hours. We need:

  • Two bottles of various sizes. Best of all, a volume of 1.5 liters and 5;
  • About 10 brusochkov thin or flat sticks;
  • Old mat without holes or damage;
  • Old dark ball or rubber ball;

Step 1. create a frame

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First we need to create a wooden frame, which will keep the whole structure. This is no big deal. The figure above the trap made by means of a hoop, but I holds everything together in small cubes.

Unfortunately, at the time I did not do the photos, so I had to borrow from a third party site.

At the top of the pyramid need to leave the place where will be placed 1.5 liter bottle. This will be the foundation of our traps.

Step 2. Create a dome and a trap

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Now we wrap our dome transparent film. The material should not be holes where insects have been able to get out.

Take the bottle volume of 1.5 liters, cut off from her neck and the bottom. Next, insert the resulting plastic cone at the top of our pyramid widest part down.

Anchoring the usual bottle with tape or duct tape. Try to make the whole structure as airtight as possible.

The idea is to horseflies could fly out of the dome only in our bottle.

Now, take a 5-liter canister, cut off from her neck and put on our 1.5 liter bottle. It should get a closed space where horseflies can be accessed only from the dome.

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A photo:

Step 3. Dangle black ball

Now we just have to hang in the middle of the pyramid of black ball. The more he will be in diameter, the better.

The ball should be hung just below the dome has been dropped, it will horseflies freely to sit him.

The dome is located a meter above the ground on wooden "legs".

How does the trap

The essence of the trap is very simple and is borrowed from the old village of the method with the ball. During the day the sun heats up the dark surface lures and flies with its warmth. Insects land on the ball without any problems, but when trying to get into our fly dome. From the dome they have only one way - upwards into a trap from which they would never choose.

We'll just have to periodically check and clean the bottle. The method proved to be excellent in suburban areas, where the flies are relatively few.

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