Why spruce in the area is better to plant away from the garden

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: http://trojza.blogspot.com/2018/07/blog-post_15.html
A photo: http://trojza.blogspot.com/2018/07/blog-post_15.html

There is an old legend that says that the spruce posazhannaya on the site owner will not a little trouble. In signs, I do not believe, therefore over the fate of the owner can not say anything. But I do know that for a vegetable garden will really spruce is not the best neighbor. And there are several good reasons.

If you choose to put on your site spruce, best to do it in the trimmed corner, away from the beds and planting. Otherwise, you may encounter a number of problems, get rid of that is not very easy.

  • First, adult spruce has a rather dense crown, which does not let the sunlight. Large tree will greatly overshadow the garden, and pruning branches will be a real problem;
  • Secondly, spruce has a shallow root system. This means that most of the roots (To be more precise - 85%)It is located at a depth of 1 to 10 cm. Densely intertwined each other, they form a strong network, which gradually flood the surrounding area. Over time, a large number of roots will create unbearable conditions for the cultivation of the soil.

    Get rid of the problem can only be a natural way, what would have to spend more than a little time and effort;
  • Third, the spruce grows in rich and well-wet soil. This means that it is necessary for the life of a great tree (Compared to crop plants) nutrients and moisture. Their spruce will consume from your garden. Moreover, with the topsoil layer, wherein the growing most crops.

Adult spruce can achieve a 40-meter height. To cope with such a tree is very hard and cause experts - it's expensive. Therefore, I would not advise eating plant too close to the kitchen garden.

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