Useful use old barrels at the cottage

  • Dec 27, 2019

Remove to trash old metal barrel is problematic. They are heavy and very bulky. Therefore, they often are stored in a remote corner of the site.

In large holiday villages periodically go unskilled workers, which was collected and taken with the scrap portion. But this does not happen often, and the money for it is not given.

This article will be useful for those who have accumulated at the site of some old steel drums unnecessary.

1. cesspool

Of old barrels can be made comfortable cesspool. Unlike analog groundnut, a pit edge will not collapse, and the shape remains unchanged over a long period of time.

If we compare the cesspool of the old buds with industry peers, then the first will be a distinct advantage in price. And to be precise, its creation is not spent a penny.

2. drainage pit

A photo:
A photo:

If you decide to create on your site a home-made drainage system, the pit water accumulation can be enhanced with the help of an old metal barrels.

It is sufficient to cut the bottom of the metal frame and set into a hole of appropriate size.

Despite the rust and slight damage, old barrels can last for quite a long period as a strengthening for excavation walls.

The pit of a metal barrel has several advantages:

  • Water is drained from the drainage ditches, will not wash out of the pit wall;
  • The volume of the drainage holes will always be the same. The walls will not crawl, as well is not clogged land;

3. Flat bed

A photo:
A photo:

Of old barrels can be to organize an excellent mini flower bed. And it is not necessary to use the capacity of the classical way - simply put on top of the cucumbers. You can cut a hole in the wall of the barrel thus creating a layered flower bed for strawberries.

Putting the barrel on its side and cut out part of the wall, we get the original "trough" in which you can organize a small flower bed.

Beds made of barrels have several important advantages:

  • Firstly, they are easier to handle, since you do not have to bend to the plants to the ground level;
  • Secondly, in such beds is much smaller weeds;
  • Thirdly, in the afternoon metal barrel heats up and retains heat for a long time;
  • Fourth, in the barrel will never stagnate water. Plant roots will not rot and rot. (Provided that the drainage is done correctly)

4. incineration

By law, vacationers can not plant on his land open fire. Therefore, garden waste burn better in a metal cask. It has several advantages over conventional oven:

  • Barrel has a large volume, and can not think of a constant cleaning of the ashes and metal debris;
  • Barrel never clogged with soot and grime;
  • The barrel can be burned whole branches without wasting time on their felling.

Moreover, in contrast to the stove, an old barrel completely worthless.

5. compost pit

Three old barrels can be used for the organization of the compost pit. To do this, the walls in each (near the ground) to do pit holes which can easily fit a shovel.

The barrels are placed next to each other and filled as compost formation. Usually, one barrel is filled within one year.

6. Washbasin

A photo:
A photo:

From old metal (wood) barrels can be done quite practical washbasin. For this purpose, the container should be inverted, while in the bottom of the hole cut by the sink and faucet.

Sink will be just at hand level, so use such a washbasin is quite convenient.

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