Getting rid of nettles in the garden area without chemicals and harm the vegetable garden

  • Dec 27, 2019
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In spite of all its useful properties, in the garden nettle it is a dangerous weed. It not only uses water and nutrients, but also obscures the shoots of cultivated plants.

Of particular danger is the nettle for young seedlings. Immature culture is simply not able to compete with the powerful low-maintenance weed, leading to starvation and thirst.

Prolonged neighborhood with nettles leads to exhaustion, and in some cases even to the death of useful plants. What is already talking about the fact that it simply prevents handle and care for the garden.

There is another danger posed by a nettle. This weed can be a source of viral diseases, which in many cultivated plants are not immune.

How to deal with nettles

From the usual weeding nettles do not get rid of. It is good as a preventive measure, but can not beat the sprawling weed.

One of the most popular ways to deal with nettles are herbicides. Tornado, Roundup and other chemicals not bad cope with the plant, however, is quite contaminate ground. After all, after use, the drug does not disappear just like that. Together with the rains toxic substance penetrates the soil, from which gradually spreads groundwater around the site.

There are traditional methods of struggle with nettles, but to me they did not seem effective.

My method of dealing with nettles

I am a supporter of natural and safe ways to control weeds. Let me have to work hard physically, but I am confident that my land is no poisoned.

I get rid of nettles mechanical method in several stages.

  • To begin, I tear out his hands nettles from the ground. We must try to snatch as much of the root system;
  • Nettle stalks immediately send for incineration. Since the self-fresh weed will not burn, pre-kindle a fire of twigs and boards residues;
  • Territory, where there were nettles, dug to a depth of 30-40 cm. with periodic soil sieving. This is necessary in order to extract from the ground as much as possible of the remaining roots;
  • Trenched portion of covering pieces old linoleum and pressed bricks;

That's all we can say that nettle defeated. At first it is necessary to check the site for new shoots, which can occur from remaining in the ground roots.

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