Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 6)

  • Dec 27, 2019

I had already written more than once on the use of plastic bottles in his country and in the garden. This theme has been very popular and necessary for our growers. After the publication of the previous articles, I have become increasingly receiving letters with the request to publish new tips, as well as a description of their application experience.

In this article, I have collected a few ways to share with me my subscribers. It turns out that the possibility of using plastic bottles simply limited. Live and learn.

1. Protection against caterpillars

A photo:
A photo:

Cut off at the neck of a plastic bottle and the bottom, we get a great barrier, which would save the young plants from caterpillars and other crawling pests.

I am sure that the instructions for use is not required. All very simple and clear.

I will give a few tips.

  • Better use of transparent bottles, which reflect light. The sun's rays are very important for the growth and development of seedlings.
  • Better protection to deepen the land of 1-1.5 cm, to the pests have not been able to make a tunnel.

2. Greenhouse for seedlings

A photo:
A photo:

Of transparent plastic bottles can get a great greenhouse for seedlings. To create it you just need to cut the bedplate. With the lid may be controlled air exchange and temperature. Very practical and completely free.

These greenhouses can be used both at home and in the garden. They have no expiration date and do not take up much space when stored.

Outdoors plastic mini greenhouse will not only support the right temperature, but also become an excellent protection against pests.

3. Watering can

A photo:
A photo:

Solid plastic canister with handle is perfect for creating a mini watering can. It is enough to make the required number of holes in the lid, and our tool is ready.

Despite the unsightly appearance, in a watering can has many advantages:

  • It does not require financial expenses;
  • It weighs almost nothing;
  • Small dimensions allow watering even in the most remote places;
  • Light weight and small volume make it possible to keep the watering can at arm's length with little effort;
  • Watering is very reliable. She never gets off the handle, but the fall does not pomnetsya not discourage.

4. Backup for strawberries

A photo:
A photo:

Plastic bottle can be an excellent backup for small bushes of strawberries. To make such a device is very simple, and its reliability tested over the years. (I know gardeners who use such backups every year for the past 10 years.)

Is such backup in 3 steps:

  • Cut off from the bottle neck and the bottom;
  • Cut the resulting cylinder so that it can be deployed and put on a bush;
  • Cut the plastic petals, which will support the berries and twigs.

That's all, our backup is ready for use.

Even more ways to beneficial use of plastic bottles you can find on my site - Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 7)