Helpful neighbors for roses: it is best to plant next to flowers

  • Dec 27, 2019
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For plants, the neighborhood is also important as it is for humans. Good neighbors help grow, develop, and protect against pests and diseases. Bad neighbors shade, and consuming nutrients are carriers of infectious diseases.

During the landing always consider the needs of crops. Plants do not have to struggle for moisture, sun and air. Contrary to popular belief, the competition between plants does not make them stronger. If the culture has to fight for survival, it will not be able to fully develop and bear fruit.

In this article I will talk about plants, the neighborhood which will be very useful for the roses. Straight to the point.

1. Lavender

Seated next to a lavender rose, you not only add to the flower bright purple hues, but also will save the queen of flowers from ants and aphids. After all, lavender has long recognized the excellent natural insecticide.

This proximity will help to avoid settling of ants in the roots of the rose, and thus eliminate the many potential problems.

2. Marigold

Neighborhood with marigolds help get rid of nematodes. The thing is that these flowers emit volatile - natural substances, repellent pests and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Flowers are best put on the beds around. They not only accentuate the edge, but also to protect against pests.

3. Garlic

Unusual juxtaposition rose garlic and allow to forget about flower and fungal infectious diseases.

Do not hesitate to plant the flower bed roots and fruit crops. In many countries, "the vegetable bed" became commonplace. In addition, such a useful juxtaposition helps to save space in the garden.

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