Getting rid of the overgrown with raspberries in the garden without herbicides and chemicals

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Growing raspberries on your site, gardeners are often faced with the problem of its uncontrolled proliferation. The shrub can penetrate from the neighbors, and may continue to grow after the transplant. (If the old territory in the land were the roots, they will begin to actively grow and produce new shoots are undesirable.)

Remove raspberry shoots are two methods:

  • mechanical;
  • using herbicides.

The use of herbicides is not desirable as it is possible to destroy not only their own hives, but also the neighborhood. And if the treatment is carried out during the ripening berries, then there is a serious risk of poisoning.

Therefore, the most effective and safest way to get rid of raspberry bush is a mechanical method.

Hand shovel and diligence

We warn the growth of raspberries

First of all, when planting raspberries in the area should immediately limit the growth of its root system. For this purpose, vertically into the ground slate digged to a depth of at least 50 cm. and spaced from the center of the bush is about one meter on each side.

Likewise received at the boundary portion when growth raspberry creeps from neighbors.

Provided that the slate sheets will not crack, hole (Even the smallest left nails) the roots of the bush will not thrive. Slate can be replaced with pieces of old linoleum, plastics and other similar materials that are unable to rot in the ground.

Getting rid of the overgrown raspberry

Growing vitamin berries raspberries requires periodic transplant to a new location. But transplanted shrub, we leave in the soil of the roots, which are sure to germinate and give new shoots.

There will gain only solid deep digging earth. The smallest root left in the ground will start to give new shoots. Therefore, when digging the soil must be very carefully and meticulously to select all of the roots.

For one season to get rid of raspberry unlikely, but later removed the single shoots with roots will be much easier than to deal with thickets of raspberry.

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