How to completely wash their hands after a long work in the garden

  • Dec 27, 2019
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After some hard work in the garden land is so eats into hands that wash it is not easy. This problem is particularly relevant for me. I can not quite work in rubber gloves. Hands getting hot and unpleasant.

That the debt is not to stand near sink, I found a fairly simple way to quickly get rid of the dirt. Every evening, I fill a small bowl with warm water and add to it a couple of armfuls of woodlice. (Of course, it is a grass).

First, simply hands dip into the water for 30 seconds, and after starting to knead woodlice. You can make the same movements as when washing things, but you can just use the herb as a sponge.

After a long day, this bath brings a little pleasure. Hands are relaxed and well-washed from earth and other dirt.

My neighbor in the evening starts to manually erase things, this method also helps to get rid of dirt. However, it takes a lot of time, because clothes need dostirat and rinse.

How to remove the dirt from under your fingernails

To remove dirt from the nails, such baths would be insufficient. Therefore, I use an old proven method.

I take a small piece of old soap and start scratching his fingernails. The procedure is quite strange, but very effective. Soap clogged under fingernails and mixes with the mud.

It now remains only to wash their hands. Water will dissolve the soap and dirt will go along with it.

Thus, literally for 5 minutes to thoroughly wash the hands of the earth, and to remove dirt from the nails.

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