Useful application linoleum cottage

  • Dec 27, 2019

Sometimes, after repair, there are still many large scraps of linoleum. Dispose of the material is a pity, therefore transported to storage in the country. But the years pass, and linoleum, and so left lying around somewhere in the barn.

In this article I want to talk about how to use the recycled material for the benefit of a garden plot.

1. garden paths

A photo:
A photo:

Most often, large linoleum cutter is used to create paths between the beds. This material is perfectly suited for this purpose. He wear-resistant, does not rot, and for cutting do not need special tools and special skills.

Lanes ustelennyh linoleum never be weeds. This partly solves the problem of weeds and the beds themselves.

To linoleum does not slide after a rain, it is better to turn the back side up. And to avoid puddles and water retention, the track is better to do at a slight incline.

Before laying linoleum need to place in the path carefully leveled and compacted. Otherwise, after a while there will be holes and bumps in the track.

I know truckers who were doing the linoleum in the hole to left to rainwater.

2. Construction of toilets

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Small scraps of linoleum can be used for decorating the bathroom. This material is perfect for floor and elevation.

Since linoleum is easy to clean up land and garden dirt, which is very important in rainy weather. In addition, the material is quite durable and will last you at least 10 years.

If the toilet is old linoleum, you can hide imperfections and scuff the floor. With imagination, it can be used even as a material for decorative finishes.

3. roofing

If the old toilet or shed roof began to leak, it can be easily patched linoleum. The material is relatively heavy, but it is perfect for smaller areas.

4. Upholstery for tables and benches

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The remaining pieces of linoleum can upholster an old table, benches or chairs. This method is especially important for outdoor furniture.

This padding will not fade for a long time, be able to withstand physical damage and is not afraid of hot dishes.

Linoleum can be lay clutching clothes pins, pinned in upholstery nails or glue. To the edge of a table or bench looked carefully, they can cover the flat metal profile.

5. original flower bed

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A photo:

Of long scraps of linoleum can make original flowerbed. It is on the basis of woven fence connected to a small oval. The shape and dimensions are limited only by your imagination.

The most common idea - to create a large wicker basket with flower garden inside. The handle can be made from a flexible branches and plastic pipe.

It is not necessary to worry about the air and water balance. Multiple openings in the weaving maintain a favorable environment for the growth and development of plants.

Incidentally, the same can be woven to make a complete fence around the flower beds or walkways. Get cheap and very practical.

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