Why do gardeners hammered nails in an apple tree, and how effective is this method

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://s019.radikal.ru/i626/1607/84/cc3b269eab6b.jpg
A photo: https://s019.radikal.ru/i626/1607/84/cc3b269eab6b.jpg

It is not often seen, as some gardeners in the spring drive in an apple tree in the old rusty nails. I have a question immediately, why they do it. After such actions injure apple tree, violate the metabolism and is subjected to severe stress tree. It is unlikely that gardeners will deliberately harm your trees.

Why an apple tree in the drive in nails

I decided to study the issue and found an interesting thing. It turns out, hammering nails into the trunk of the apple - is a longtime national method, which helps the tree to blossom and begin to bear fruit. The essence of it is to stimulate and "wake up" the old apple tree.

To do this, in the trunk of apple trees need to drive a few nails at intervals of two centimeters below the branch. Nails must be rusty, otherwise no effect.

Cause harm if nails tree

According to those who use this method, no harm to nails do not cause apple. But I do know that it is not.

Indeed, the tree does not die, but will not have longevity. After hammered nails violate metabolism, make the crust more vulnerable and destroy plant tissue. The tree begins to feel constant stress and discomfort. Fully develop in such conditions is impossible.

Does the method work? I conducted an experiment

In my garden for a long time was an apple tree that it was time to file away. All did not dare to do it, and waited for the "miracle". It was on this tree and I decided to try this method, it just involves the awakening of old apple trees.

He hammered a few nails in the spring according to the instructions and began to wait. No result followed. Perhaps it was an isolated case and the method really works, but my apple tree it did not react.

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