What if it snowed, and Rose is not yet covered

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/02/25/16/15/photo-1222420_1280.jpg
A photo: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/02/25/16/15/photo-1222420_1280.jpg

Sometimes it happens that the preparation of the garden for winter interrupts the sudden snowfall. You arrive at the weekend to the country to hide the roses, and they are all in the snow. This situation puts in a stupor of many gardeners.

In this article I will talk about what to do if the country was snowing, and the roses have not yet covered.

Snow fell - this is serious?

First of all, do not panic. Nothing terrible has happened. Most roses perfectly tolerate frosts down to minus 5-7 degrees. Typically, the first snow, the temperature is below this level can not be lowered. While roses bundled white fluffy snow, we have time to think and evaluate the situation.

Our further actions will depend on the weather forecast. Of course, to say the future no one can make assumptions but still possible.

If the snow will remain

If the weather and your experience suggest that the warming is not expected, then rose a better prikopat fluffy fallen snow. Under this blanket temperature hardly drops below -7 degrees even in severe frosts.

Fall asleep rose a thick layer of loose snow. Our task is to make a pillow, which can keep warm.

If your rose hibernates under a layer of snow, be sure to protect from the wind. Otherwise, fluffy blanket quickly blown away, and the bush can smerznut.

If the snow melts

If it is expected that the snow will soon melt, sprinkle roses do not need. It is best to remove excess snow to in the above-zero temperature by quickly melted.

When the snow come down and established dry weather, it is possible to cover roses.

Is it possible to cover the roses under the snow?

Rose covered with snow cover is not necessary.

  • If in the future it is expected to warming, under cover of the snow has melted and formed by high humidity. Soon water will freeze and cause damage to roses only;
  • If warming is not expected that the snow will be a good natural cover and additional cover is not needed.

Do not forget to wrap up that rose too much, too, not worth it. Under the cover of warm dense bush starts to rot and to no good it will not.

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