Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 7)

  • Dec 27, 2019
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From plastic bottles, you can make a lot of interesting things, but often it takes too much recycled. For example, the track will have to spend a fence or up to several hundred bottles. Most truckers simply not find enough material.

Therefore, in this article I want to talk about the things that are made from the same plastic bottles or cans.

1. Cover for packages

A photo:
A photo:

The very long time I use this way and was surprised that on this subject on the Internet does not have much information. We are talking about the covers for plastic bags. At first glance it seems that the system is quite complicated, but it is actually very simple and convenient.

Instead of tying the package, you can just put on his plastic cover. It's enough to cut off the neck of the bottle, to thread in his bag, turn and close the lid.

Once wearing a cap, you do not have to untie and tie a package manually. Very convenient if you store it in a cellophane cereals or grinds.

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Homemade cover nothing inferior to store-bought counterparts. Why spend money on what can be done for free.

2. Stand for sponges and soap

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A photo:

Another very handy thing for country life. Soap with a large reservoir draining the water.

Adaptation is a bit like a trap for the pests, but has an entirely different purpose. In a bar of soap can be put raw soap, sponge or rag. Soapy water will not drip on the table, and will meet in the tank, from where it can be easily poured.

To create a soap dish you just need to cut the bottle in half, turn the neck and inserted upside down back.

3. Collector apples

A photo:
A photo:

From a long stick and a plastic bottle can make a good yablokosnimatel. To do this:

  • To cut off the neck of a plastic bottle;
  • Do in the walls of small triangular cutouts (They will help to hang the apples in the future);
  • Wear on the neck and a long pole to fix the nail;

Note that the pole does not have much to hang around inside the bottle, otherwise it can pierce the apple. Damaged fruit will not be stored for a long time and sense disappear in the adaptation.

4. Towel holder

A photo:
A photo:

Of rectangular cans with a handle, you can make a great holder for towels and packages. To fixture looked carefully at the canister put on a homemade cover. Pen will act as a hanger, and the neck serve as a holder for bags and napkins.

By such a wall mounted towel conventional screws. The design turns tough and durable.

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