Improve clay soil without significant financial cost

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Assigning land for housing estates, hardly anyone thinks about the fertility of the soil. Therefore, many gardeners gets the territories that are completely unsuitable for growing crops.

One of the most frequent problems are clay soils. Build a garden on the ground - the task is very time consuming and thankless.

Here are a few main reasons:

  • Clay soil is very difficult to handle. In dry weather on it appears hard crust and the earth gradually transformed into a "stone." In rainy weather, the clay begins to soak and adhere to the tools and the shoe;
  • In most cases, clay soils are very acidic, which is not like the bulk of the crop plants;
  • In clay soils strongly disturbed (and in some cases is virtually absent) air circulation;
  • Spring clay soils warmed long, some landing have to be postponed for 2-3 weeks;
  • Clay soils have poor drainage properties, resulting in stagnant water for a long time on the surface.

On the disadvantages of clay soils can be a very long time to say, but in this article I want to talk about how to improve the situation.

Improve clay soil

The process of improving clay soil does not happen fast. In order to change the situation will take years. But, if the deal with the problem every season, you will very soon feel the positive changes.

draining soil

First of all, it is necessary to conduct drainage. This will improve air exchange, give the roots to breathe and plants will be a little easier.

Drain region may be by means of a grid of drainage ditches. In rare cases, it will be enough to dig a deep hole in the lowest point of the site, which will go all the excess moisture.

soil deoxidation

In most cases, clay soils have a high acidity, so we need to carry out the process of deoxidation. This can be done using a conventional liming.

The amounts of the drug will depend on the degree of acidity of the soil. Our task is to make the neutral of acidic ground.

This is another step that will greatly facilitate the life of the crop plants.

Adding disintegrating materials

Improve clay soil without making disintegrating materials impossible, so every year trying to add to the land of peat, manure, sand (in small quantities) and compost. If there is no opportunity to buy something, just add humus.

Do not rush to make filings to the ground, they are acidified soil.

I am sure that if you pay attention to the problem of every season, then after 7-9 years you will get a full fertile soil.

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