Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 5)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Plastic bottles can be replaced only a washbasin and a system of drip irrigation, but also many other useful things. For example, in this article we will focus on how to make recycled canopy, a flashlight, a broom and a garden path.

1. shed

Of the large number of plastic bottles, you can make an original shelter from the sun. It retains a shadow, but the great windswept and not trapping heat.

Such a canopy has a plurality of advantages over conventional umbrella with purchased. Here are some of them:

  • Creating a canopy does not require money. The entire structure is made of recyclable materials;
  • Between plastic bottles there is a distance through which the hot air freely leaves;
  • The canopy can be made of any size and shape. No need to adjust to a few shops standards;
  • The design can have any colors and patterns, the appearance is limited only by your imagination;
  • The canopy of plastic bottles do not need to clean the house. No one steals, as the sell structure is impossible;
  • The design is perfectly safe. Even in the fall, she will not be able to injure a person.

To create such a shelter is necessary to make a wooden frame. You can even use a stick, as the design is almost no weight. Further, between the guide stretch the net. It can be done from the old fishing line or rope. For grid tie strings, which are attached to the end of the empty bottles.

Our task is to hang the bottle as close as possible to each other, to leave no holes in the canopy.

In each bottle you can pour a bit of old paint or colored liquid. It lights up your shed, but will make it harder.

2. Broom

Of the several plastic bottles can make a real street broom. And if done correctly, nothing more than a tool will not concede to purchase analogue.

Housing pile broom is harsh, but it is perfect for cleaning the leaves and branches of old.

To create such a broom, we need three different sized plastic bottles, scissors, and nail cutting. The manufacturing process is extremely simple.

  • Cut the bottom off the biggest plastic bottle and finely chop the wall so that we get a "brush";
  • We put a big bottle neck at the stalk and fasten a small nail. We have already received a whisk, but with a very rare nap;
  • Now we take the bottle and do the average with it the same procedure. Next, insert the medium in a large bottle and pull on the stalk. Also, fix nails and cut the excess protruding pile;
  • If necessary, you can repeat the procedure with a small bottle, thereby making thick pile of brooms.

That's all, our brooms ready. After several applications of the pile and kneaded sweep becomes comfortable.

3. The path of the traffic jams

From corks from bottles can make a beautiful and practical garden path.

Ornament laid at not cured concrete solution. Try to push the plug so that it would be completely filled with concrete. Otherwise, it may be deformed or selling in the future.

Try to take the plug without inscriptions and drawings, so the track will look neater.

Even if the spring of concrete crack, pattern hides cracks and track will look like new.

4. Lamp without electricity

even the lamp can be made from a plastic bottle. And electricity, batteries and light we do not need.

The lamp is perfect for attics and buildings without windows. He acts on the principle of focusing the sun's rays in one place. The process of creating such a lamp consists of 3 steps:

  • Take a transparent plastic bottle and pour it into pure water;
  • We perform in a roof opening of appropriate size;
  • Insert the bottle into the roof and fasten tightly. All the cracks are sealed with sealant.

That's all, our lamp is ready. While on the street day, a dark room is lit by reflection of sunlight.

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