Why do so many gardeners can not get rid of slugs: the basic error

  • Dec 27, 2019

For many gardeners struggle with the slugs become a common thing. Most do not believe in the success of this adventure. Just doing a routine process to get worse. And I understand them.

Indeed, the slugs are not very simple pest, despite its slowness. However, getting rid of them is not as difficult as it seems.

The thing is that many gardeners do not know the main features of this pest, which allows it to come out on top of any "fight." Although there are no secrets here.

The main advantage of slugs

The main advantage lies in the pest mucus which evenly covers the entire body. At the time of entry of foreign substances and poisons parasite "resets" the infected mucus layer, after which the successfully crawls cover.

What mistake gardeners make

Not knowing this feature, many gardeners spend just one treatment against pests, which as a result has no effect.

Slugs really crawl away from the treated area, but only in order to hide and compensate for fluid supply. After some time, a detachment of pests will return and continue to attack vegetable crops. This process can continue indefinitely.

What to do? How to defeat the slugs?

In fact, everything is quite simple. Pests can not reset the slime forever. For replenishment must be quite a lot of time. And it is necessary to use.

After the first 30 minute wait processing and perform a second processing. But has a larger area as the pests have time to hide in the immediate vicinity.

The second blow will survive, not many, but the survivors will be enough to cause damage to the vegetable garden. Therefore, need one another, and the third treatment.

After the third time, a slug will have nothing to reset, and the pest dies.

Consider this feature in the processing of any drugs and agents.

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