How to make herbal path for the cottages, so it does not trample

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Sidewalks can make from old bricks, boards, tires, linoleum and even plastic bottles. All of them are quite practical, but hardly suitable for recreational areas.

This article I want to talk about how to make natural grass track for everyday use. I have to say, the process is quite time consuming, but the result will please you.

Before embarking on the creation of a grassy track, you need to understand all its pros and cons.

Advantages grassy track

  • Herbal track completely eco-friendly and natural. For their creation does not require hazardous materials, and after the end of life, is not construction waste;
  • On a hot summer day, the track will not heat up and give off heat. This will make the stay in the country a little more comfortable;
  • The track has an excellent appearance. It will perfectly complement any landscape design;
  • On such tracks can safely walk barefoot;
  • The damaged part of the track is easy to restore. You do not have anything concrete or removing tiles.

Disadvantages grassy track

Deficiencies have enough tracks herbal, pay special attention to them.

  • Create at his dacha grass track is not as easy as it seems. It will have to spend energy, time and some money;
  • Early in the morning, dew covered grass track, after which the feet are wet;
  • Such tracks require regular watering. Otherwise, they quickly will be ruined;

Once we know all the pros and cons of grass tracks, I want to talk about the process of creation.

How to make herbal track

It made herbal path in several stages. The process is not difficult, but requires a lot of time. Take a walk on the green grass will be possible not earlier than at the end of the summer. (Provided that you have started to prepare a place before the onset of cold weather)

1. Selection of grass

To track is not constantly trampling, it is necessary to choose the right variety of grass. It should be short and stiff enough.

It is best to select the grass, which is designed for football fields or playgrounds. Buy seeds can be in any large gardening store. There, you will be told in detail about the features of sowing and care.

2. Autumn soil preparation

Start to prepare our path need to fall. The isolated area must be dug to a depth of bayonet shovels, and after lay a layer of compost in 2 cm thick. Naturally, all the weeds, roots and various types of garbage must be removed.

3. Spring alignment surface

Spring remains only to pour a little bit of fertile soil and level the surface of the future track. This can be done using a rake. Overturn tool and dub territory.

Leveling can be as eye, and with the help of pegs system level. But I want to say at once, to make a perfectly flat surface is unlikely to succeed. Rainfall and soil subsidence will be felt already in 1,5-2 months.

4. sowing seeds

Once the area is level, you can start sowing seeds. The process is quite time consuming, but not complicated. Everything is done as described in the instructions to the acquired grass. landing techniques may differ slightly.

But my advice to you, sow more and denser than the recommended norm. This ensures that no bald spots and "translucent" sections.

How to care for a grassy path

Herbal track requires regular watering evenly. Watering is better not to use, buy a nozzle on a garden hose. The ideal option would be an automatic irrigation system. But, it is quite expensive.

Periodic mowing improves not only the appearance of the track, but also allows the grass to grow and develop fully. Forget about it not worth it.

To begin with, I would advise you to do a small test site. If you succeed, you can boldly sow the remaining tracks.

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