How to scare the neighborhood dogs to dig a vegetable garden and run around the garden beds

  • Dec 27, 2019

I think many gardeners will agree with me that the dog and the garden - are incompatible. These furry friends tear up the beds, trampling saplings and break the fragile plants.

It's one thing if your dog - it can be a little train and limit. But it is quite another - if a neighbor or a stray. In this case, there is only to save the garden from the raids. And it is not at all simple.

Should I dare dogs from the beds?

When I talked to the neighbors about the problem posed by their pets, I answered in unison that this is fiction and exaggeration. In fact, everything is normal. Nothing bad happens, and animals in the area it is absolutely natural.

By the way, this position is shared by many dog ​​owners. However, I strongly disagree with them.

I have nothing against dogs and other pets, but their adventures on the site give me a lot of trouble. Here are just some of the damage, which is applied to the friends of man:

  • Completely break all fragile and young plants;
  • Transform the garden into the toilet;
  • Dig a hole, destroying the vegetable crops;
  • Trampling seedlings and fine herbs;
  • Tear out of the ground poles and supports.

Is it possible to ignore this?

As I ventured dogs on beds

At first I was trying to protect the beds small wooden fence, but it turned out to be completely useless. Dogs can easily overcome it and gave the impression that they even like to do it. Then in the course went tips from the Internet:

  • "The herbs which smell dogs can not tolerate" - no result;
  • "Mulching beds branches" - with no result;
  • "Creating a canopy over the beds of the grid" - stupid and useless;

There were those who proposed to enclose the entire area by a high fence of mesh and rebar. Maybe it would have saved a vegetable garden, but turned the land in jail. And I did not want.

As a result, the problem was solved quite easily by means of a conventional ultrasonic repeller. I told them before chasing cats from the garden, and now he has helped and from dogs. Such devices are not expensive at all, but it solves a lot of problems. When the device is no discomfort to fear is not worth it.

I believe that this is one of the most effective and humane way to discourage the dogs from the adventures of the kitchen garden. Traditional methods are useless in this business.

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