How to get rid of hops in the garden without chemicals and herbicides

  • Dec 27, 2019

Despite the fact that hops are often planted for ornamental purposes, it can quickly turn into a weed, get rid of that is not very easy. This problem is particularly acute for the southern regions of our country with a relatively warm climate.

If the hops are growing within the area assigned to it, keep an eye on him. Periodically check whether there were somewhere around a new unplanned sprouts.

If the plant began to "run wild", immediately proceed to fight. Otherwise, you run the risk of divorce in their area is very dangerous and tenacious weed.

What is the danger of hops?

Firstly, the "feral" hops can give headaches to any gardener. This weed grows and captures new territories at an unprecedented pace. Its powerful and well-developed root system absorbs from the ground a lot of nutrients, which are so necessary truck crops. Compete with hops can only like it weeds.

Secondly, wrapping around various supports (houses, barns, fences, baths, etc.), hops, slowly but surely, destroys them. Many small tendrils penetrate even the narrowest gap, gradually bringing the design into disrepair.

Thick cover is not blown, hops which envelops the structure, resulting in increased humidity and contributes to the accelerated rotting process.

Thirdly, can cause an allergic reaction in large quantities hops. However, it's pretty rare.

How to get rid of hops in the garden?

One of the best ways is considered the "Tornado". This powerful herbicide is able to promptly destroy even hops. But after use, the drug will not disappear. He goes into the ground, where he subsequently carried by the waters of the soil throughout the site. Therefore, I do not advocate the use of strong chemicals in my garden. Man herbicides harm at once, they accumulate over the years in the ground, gradually poisoning the fruit crops. But, this is just my opinion.

My budget friendly method

It seems to me, it is much better to use the method with salinity of soil and the subsequent plastering. It's pretty simple and will cost very little money. The method is divided into several stages:

  • Around bush remove a small layer thickness of 15-20 cm in the soil. It is necessary to get as close as possible to the main part of the roots. (You can dig and deeper, but it is quite time-consuming work);
  • We fall asleep pit resulting thick layer of salt and water the small amount of water. Our problem that the salt is absorbed as deeply as possible into the ground and reached the main root mass;
  • Once the plant begins to wither, it must be removed by mechanical means. If there are forces - remove as much as possible roots;
  • Now we need to get rid of the huge amount of salt and bring back soil fertility. To do this, dig deep earth and sprinkle it with plaster;
  • We are waiting for about 2 weeks and start plenty of water dug over the site. Since that time, the plaster will make a soluble salt, and it can go deep into the ground.

This method allows you to get rid of hop without using strong chemicals. After heavy rains and irrigation, the salt will go deep into the ground and will not affect fertility.

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