Unusual bird feeders out of scrap materials

  • Dec 27, 2019

Almost every summer resident in the suburban area has bird feeders. Someone makes it from scrap materials, and somebody buys in store. However, almost always, they are typical and similar to each other. In this article I want to talk about how to make extraordinary trough. You do not need to buy anything, we will only use the secondary materials.

1. Feeder with the dispenser from the bottle

A modified version of the feeder from a plastic bottle is perfect for any garden. He was not afraid of the wind, rain and a large number of birds. Grain never prosypetsya and feathered guests will eat as much as you need.

To create such a trough, we need the old plastic bottle and a few wooden spoons.

Penetrate into the bottle two holes. One with a diameter of a pen, the other a little more. Insert the spoon so that one opening is completely closed, and the second grain in small quantities spilled on a spoon.

The feeder can be inserted several of these trays - feeders. The main thing is that the bottom was at the very bottom of the bottle. Otherwise, it will be too much not eaten grains.

2. Feeder of cardboard packaging

Classic carton of milk or yogurt can be turned into a fun bird feeder with a canopy and a perch. To do this, cut through the square hole in the bottom of the box are bent visor and insert the perch just below the nut. For these purposes, you can take the sticks from the land or wooden spokes.

If desired, the feeder can decorate or wrap with foil color (not very brilliant, or scare away all the birds).

Bird feeder can be hung in the garden or on the fruit trees in the recreation area under the roof makeshift.

3. Manger of old wire

Any gardener in the bins there are always cutting wire. Of them can make an unusual bird feeder. There are many variants. Primary requirements:

  • The bird should be able to cling to the feeder and easily start the meal;
  • At the wire should not be sharp protruding ends. Otherwise the birds can damage the wings during takeoff or landing;
  • The design must be balanced. After the bird rests on the feeder, that should not roll over.

As a food, such feeders is most often used bread or roll. This is a great way to get rid of half-eaten food to good use.

4. The trough of tin

In order to from a tin can turned feeder, it is necessary to cut off the bottom and the lid in such a way that on both sides of the cylinder remained small sills. After that, put through the lower part of the can perch and hang on the tree.

Necessarily blunted all the sharp edges of the banks. Any manger should be safe.

The trough is not very roomy, but durable and practical. At its creation it will require no more than 15 minutes.

5. Feeder from the peel of the fruit

Feeder can be done even from the orange peel. To do this, cut the fruit in half and remove the pulp. Thereafter we are suspending the resulting cup and fills it with food.

These feeders are particularly relevant in the autumn. Make them before leaving the city. After some time after the feed end, Orange will begin to rot, fall and turn into an excellent fertilizer. Quite practical.

This feeder can be made of many fruits and even vegetables.

6. Feeder - net

To create such feeders are required time and effort. Enough to take the wrapping mesh or net bag, fill it with food and hang on near the fruit tree. It looks such manger not very aesthetically pleasing, but practical and durable.

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