Than to lay tracks in the country: cheap and practical

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I want to talk about how to make a beautiful and practical garden path with his own hands. It focuses only on the budget options, as many gardeners price is the deciding factor.

1. Of cut a tree

Garden path of cut a tree is not only characterized by the original design, but also quite functional. It does not soak after rain and it does not accumulate puddles. In the spring of this track does not crack and is not spreading.

Make it is not difficult. For this:

  • Removing the soil layer thickness with the height of the saw cut wood;
  • Aligned surface and tamped;
  • Fall asleep with a thin layer of sand;
  • We put the first major, and then small cut a tree;
  • Fall asleep and rammed sand intervals.

To the tree does not rot, it can be impregnated with a special liquid or stain.

2. concrete

Expensive paving tiles can be easily replaced by a self-made concrete and a special stencil. The latter will cost is not expensive - about 1 thousand. rubles.

To create such a path is not difficult, here's a little guide:

  • Align and place under a future tamped track;
  • Puts shape and firmly pressed her to the ground;
  • We fall asleep in the form of a bit of rubble and old scrap metal - nails, wire, angles;
  • Knead thick concrete mix;
  • Fill the solution into a form so that it no voids and bubbles;
  • After some time, remove the molds and allowed to dry concrete.

This track has only one drawback - it can crack the spring. But, it's not a big problem. Cracks easily smeared with a solution.

3. Of old tires

Tracks of old tires do not look very aesthetically pleasing, but they are practical and easy to use. They are easy to build and also easy to clean. Here are a few advantages of these tracks:

  • They are absolutely free;
  • They do not slip;
  • Through such paths can not grow any weed;
  • They do not soak, and do not lose their shape;

To create these tracks is best to use tires from trucks. They are wider and have a big protector.

Find old truck tires can be in the Service and repair or carpool.

4. From old bricks, stones and tiles

From old bricks, tile fragments and stones can get great track for summer residence. Her appearance will depend entirely on your imagination. You can lay out the drawing, and can be cyclically repeated a certain pattern.

To create such a track to align the surface layer of sand fill thickness 8-12 cm. and lay brick fragments as you want. Clearances backfilled with gravel or small pebbles.

If desired, the track can be laid on a thin layer of concrete. Since the construction will stay much longer.

If you make a track on a concrete basis, it can crack the spring. But, this does not affect its functionality.

5. of bottles

The track can be made even from old glass bottles. We get a very unusual, but quite practical, and even beautiful.

To create such a track will require a lot of glass and diligence. Each bottle must be filled to the brim with sand and close tightly. At the site of the future track remove soil layer thickness with the height of the bottle and filled 10th cm. sand. Further, sticking a bottle neck in the sand, lay the track. Once the track is laid, the distance between the bottles filled with sand and compacted.

As a result, we get a smooth and solid track, which does not accumulate puddles after rain. And if suddenly the bottle will crack or break, it can be replaced easily.

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