How to get rid of toadstools on a plot

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this small article I would like to talk about how to get rid of unwanted fungi on the site. After all, these "neighbors" spoil the appearance of lawns and flower beds, as well as consume the nutrients that are needed truck crops.

It makes no sense to tear appeared mushrooms, you wasted time and energy. The fight should be conducted with the cause of their appearance.

1. Reveal the cause of fungi

Just so the mushrooms will not grow, they need a substrate. Our task - to find it and remove from the site. As a substrate, usually, it is the old wood - logs, tree stumps, branches, wood chips, etc. All of them are deep under the ground, so to get to them, will have to dig.

Mushrooms are very fond of the water, so our task is to determine the cause of the humidity. It can be positioned close to the ground water table, and perhaps excessive watering.

2. Struggling with mushrooms

First of all, it is necessary to remove the substrate after which you will find on the site of fungal growth. It must carry out off-site or burn. Next, go to the drainage area. It is necessary to make small drainage grooves to the ground get rid of excess moisture. In moist soil controlling fungi is completely useless.

Fight with mushrooms are best in dry and hot weather. In this case, the sun - the perfect assistant.

Once the area is drained and tidied, it is necessary to improve the ventilation of the soil. This will help us a pitchfork. We do a huge amount of holes so that the oxygen can saturate the ground. On well dried and "purged" soil fungi will not grow.

However, if these measures do not help, there is a radical method

Radical method of struggle

If the above steps do not lead to a result that will be necessary to manually remove the mycelium from the ground. Business is labor-intensive, but effective.

Remove 15 cm thick layer of soil and send it to dry. The excavated soil looking for the thin white thread (this is the mycelium), tearing them and send for incineration. The resulting hole filled with sand. After the soil dried out, return it in place and dig together with sand.

These actions will help to permanently get rid of the fungus on your summer cottage.

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