How to protect the site from ticks: free national method

  • Dec 27, 2019

Along with the arrival of the active summer season, the area becoming active mites. Creatures that are a direct threat to human life and health.

In contrast to the harmful insects - aphids, ants or mole crickets, meeting with these very arachnids can end in failure. You should not close our eyes to this neighborhood.

In the fight against these pests, there are two groups of methods - professional and folk. For myself, I chose the latter. I'll tell you why.

As I learned about the professor. processing

Of course, the most effective against ticks fighting chemical products. With that, I will not argue. Her spray mist, so the poison gets into all the hard to reach places. But, as it turned out, this treatment has several significant drawbacks.

A couple of years ago I asked a specialist firm and decided to learn the details of the professional treatment. Here's what I found out.

  • If you believe the advertising, the cost of land in the processing of 10 acres will be about 4000 rubles. But somehow I felt as much as 7800 rubles. But in any case, even the first sum - a decent money for simple pensioner;
  • After treatment, you can not visit the site a few days, because industrial products are highly toxic;
  • Before processing, the site must be carefully removed, to no leaves and twigs on the ground does not remain;
  • Everything that grows in the garden you need to seal the film, otherwise culture will absorb the poison. And there is no guarantee that the drug does not penetrate the shelter;
  • Acts such treatment is only 1.5 months;
  • If it starts to rain after the treatment, it will wash away all of the solution and the money wasted in vain;
  • Process must not only yours, but also the neighboring areas. Otherwise mites very quickly return.
    The fact that these pests are transferred to the surrounding areas with the help of birds, animals and wind. Sometimes, the cause of getting a tick on the site may even become a man.

In general, this treatment is not exactly suited for my garden. I still did not have enough venom to soak the whole earth. After all, with bushes solution gets into the soil, and then goes into the groundwater, which "drink" my horticultural crops.

Traditional methods

Completely get rid of all the mites using the popular methods is unlikely to succeed, but make the site safe - is quite real. Vacationers invented many different ways to deal with these arachnids, but the most effective "flag" method still remains. Its essence is very simple.

From old bed sheets or pillowcase necessary to cut a rectangular piece of fabric size of 1 x 0.5 meters. It is best if it is white. After that, we take a half-meter stick and sew it to the fabric so that we've got a kind of flag.

Now you need to walk around the area slowly leading flag on grass. Do it better in the morning. Ticks cling to the cloth and remain in makeshift flag. After the land is passed, it is necessary to burn cloth. This procedure must be repeated several times depending on the number of pests.

Incidentally, this method is the best indicator of the presence of mites. They can check the lawns and lawns before they will be played by children.

This simple folk method will protect the site and make it much safer.

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