Primary errors in preparation for winter blackcurrant

  • Dec 27, 2019

Despite the fact that the black currant is known for its ruggedness and ability to tolerate without problems the winter, it is still necessary to prepare for winter. If this is not done, the yield of the bush will gradually decrease, and growth and development will slow down significantly.

In this article I want to describe the basic mistakes that allow growers during the preparation of a black currant for winter.

1. Using blunt instrument

Trim branches only need a sharp tool, otherwise you greatly injure the bush and the procedure would not benefit. In no case do not break branches hands (even if they seem dry), and do not try to trim a bush knife. These actions lead to excess stress and weakening of plant immunity.

2. Mulching own leaves

Never leave under a bush, fallen leaves. In such a mulch accumulate a huge amount of pests and diseases, which are activated in the next year and will bring quite a few problems.

As the mulch is best to use compost, leaves or fruit crops are not rotten sawdust. Such cover does not contain common pests and diseases, so no harm.

3. Adding fresh manure under a bush

In preparation for winter, never fertilize the bush fresh manure. This will lead to the fact that the culture will begin to actively grow, that will not give her a chance to fully prepare for the winter.

It is not uncommon when the young bushes regedit after a heavy fertilizer fresh manure.

4. Shelter film plant

Shelter shrub or airtight film material rather destroy currants than protect her from the cold. This culture must necessarily have access to oxygen, otherwise the future harvest can not wait.

During the shelter of the bush, always leave the holes for air circulation.

5. Later, organic fertilizers

Adding a currant any organic fertilizer after the fruiting period, trigger a build-up of a large amount of green mass. This process will lead to the fact that the culture will evolve until the first frost, and unprepared for the winter smerznet.

If you do not repeat these simple mistakes, currant successfully survive the winter, and will give you a great harvest.

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