Homemade pots for seedlings: free and practical

  • Dec 27, 2019

I, like many other growers, on the eve of the holiday season, start to grow on your windowsill seedlings. And every year in front of me stands the task of finding pots.

Once, I had a set of plastic containers, but it eventually became worthless. Part cracked pots, part I somewhere lost. New buy did not, decided to make their own hands.

In this article, I have collected the most practical options that I could find. All but the last person tried in his seedlings.

1. Pots from newspaper

Previously, in the printing ink were many harmful substances and heavy metals. But, those days are gone, and now the newspaper can be used for growing and transplanting.

Such pots have a lot of positive aspects:

  • They are completely worthless. A lot of newspapers distributed free of charge and get them will have no difficulty;
  • Seedlings can be planted in the ground along with the pot. In the wet ground razmoknet paper quickly and not become an obstacle to the root system;
  • Decomposing in the ground, pot of paper pulp saturate the ground and some other micronutrients;
  • The creation of a single pot takes less than a minute.

To create a pot, the paper must be folded in several layers, roll into a tube, and by bending the edges to make the bottom. To design better kept, it is possible to rewind the rope made of natural fibers.

2. Pots from the boxes

Boxes of milk, yogurt, juice and other foods, can serve as pots for seedlings. There are two main types:

  • We all usual vertical pot. (It is only necessary to cut the top of the box and the container is ready);
  • Long horizontal pot. (Completely cut one side of the box);

In this pot the seedlings can not be planted. The fact that the food boxes is not only used cardboard, but also a variety of other materials, such as foil. Such containers are rotting badly, do not absorb moisture and pose a serious threat to the root system.

3. Pots of film

The main advantage of such pots is practical. Firstly, they are very space-saving. Secondly, the film can be used several times.

They are created as well as pots and newspaper. Since the only difference, the film must be pre-cut into small pieces measuring 20 by 30 cm.

To create these pots is necessary to use a thick film. It retains its shape better, so it will be easier to make a container.

4. Pots of eggshell

Pots of eggshell became my favorites. They are completely natural, for their creation does not need to spend time, and as a stand, you can use the usual egg cell.

In soil planted seedlings together with the pot. It is only necessary to split the shell slightly.

Before the plant gain strength, egg shell will protect the roots from various pests. And then, it will be an excellent dressing comprising many useful minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.

5. Pots of the hubs of toilet paper

Such pots for seedlings I do not succeed, because I just could not find much on toilet paper sleeves. But the next year, I had already begun to put it off recyclables, because the idea seemed very sensible.

If you take no sleeve labels and stickers, the seedlings can be planted together with a pot. In the wet ground razmoknet cardboard quickly and will have no obstacles to the root system. In addition, the decaying paper pulp saturate the ground.

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