We do fences for beds: free and practical options

  • Dec 27, 2019

For someone old tires, bricks and bottles are regular garbage, and some ingeniously adapts them to his garden. In this article I story about how to make beautiful and functional fences for beds from scrap materials.

1. Of old tires

Of old tires make excellent fences for beds. They do not differ a special elegance, but very practical and durable. Here are a few advantages of such fences:

  • They do not leak water, so the earth of the beds will not go into the furrows after rain;
  • They do not rot;
  • If properly seal between a tire, the fence will never lose its shape and not disperse;
  • On such a fence can always lean or sit while weeding;
  • Such a fence is not the country's cats, dogs and other pets;

In order to make the fence of old tires, you need to take a few tires (preferably from a truck as they are wider), cut them and saw spread.

To the bus it could be spread, on the side you need to make small incisions so that we got a tape.

Bonding between the tires is better to use the old door hinges and screws. Do not try to glue the rubber, this design quickly will become worthless.

2. From plastic bottles

From the set of identical plastic bottles can get a great fence. He will not be as strong as its counterpart of the tires, but make it much easier.

Enough to take the same bottle, to do them through holes and spread on a long wire. Next, attach the wire to the stakes along the edges of the beds and tauten. That's all, our fence ready.

There is also a second design of the fence of the bottles. Take a thick board and drilled holes in it with the same diameter as the neck at bottle. Next, insert the bottle neck in the hole. Our fence is ready.

This design does not rot, but well lets sunlight. In addition, there is space between the bottles, through which can leave excessive moisture.

3. of pallets

Old pallets are ideal for the organization of the fence around the beds. No need to be a carpenter to cut the pallet and connecting with other parts to create a rectangular enclosure.

Boards, which are used in pallets, strong enough, and they cost much less than new material (very often, old pallets can get all free).

To create such a fence will need brute force. Perhaps this is the only negative.

To design lasts longer, wood can be impregnated with the cheapest stain.

4. Of vines and twigs

If you are a handyman, then look at the next version. Fences of twigs and pegs perfectly complement any garden and vegetable garden. Unlike the previous embodiments, such a fence is more decorative than functional. But, it may be combined with the first embodiment and obtain practical and beautifully designed flower bed.

Vines can be found in large construction hypermarkets (in the garden center departments). Natural branches can be replaced by plastic rods.

5. From old bricks or tiles

If you've seen the foundation, old bricks can be used as fences for beds and flower beds. They do not even need to bind the cement, low design will keep under its own weight.

To fence looked carefully, with the bricks you need to remove all residues of cement.

For these purposes, you can use tile, flat stones and other such "waste".

6. From the old slate

Do not dispose of old roofing slate, from it, too, can make an excellent guard. Cut sheets have to dig in to 1/3 in the ground around the perimeter of the beds. Never try to hammer them with a hammer. Brittle material breaks down and leaves in the soil a lot of debris.

Sheets is better to have overlapped, so at the joints will not appear cracks.

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