What is the harm of sawdust for garden

  • Dec 27, 2019

Sawdust can be used for the benefit of any garden, if you know about their features. Because otherwise, they can not bring little harm.

This article will focus on the hazardous properties of sawdust, which can negatively affect the growth and development of plants.

1. The content of harmful substances

Sawdust is often produced in the processing and cutting of old wood. Therefore, they may contain a mass of harmful and toxic substances.

The garden can be used only healthy sawdust, that is derived from natural wood. When buying sawdust sure to ask about the raw material from which they were obtained. Never use any recycled materials (chipboard, sleepers, furniture, processed timber, etc.)

2. soil acidification

Be sure to check the acidity of the soil before applying sawdust and after. This secondary raw material is quite acidifies the soil, which negatively affects the growth and development of plants.

It is best to use sawdust paired with liming. So you can keep the desired acidity.

3. Gummy

Natural resins contained in the filings, not only delay the process of decay, but also hinder the germination of seeds. In addition, they have a negative impact on the growth and development of mature plants.

In order to reduce the harmful effects of wood resins, before applying scald scalded with boiling water filings.

4. Violation water balance

Soil with a high content of sawdust quickly dries up. It's natural moisture balance is disturbed. Regularly moisten the soil these, otherwise the plants will begin to experience a moisture deficit.

In order to maintain a healthy water balance, always follow the recommended proportions of ingredients. You should not add too much sawdust.

5. The increased nitrogen consumption

The microorganisms which decompose in the soil trapped dust, consume large amounts of nitrogen and other trace elements. Keep this in mind when planting and fertilizing plants. For soils of poor nitrogen is contraindicated sawdust.

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