How you arrange a bed with his hands: 5 ideas

  • Dec 27, 2019

Every gardener wants his dacha looked well-groomed and beautiful. And this helps us to flower beds.

In this article I want to talk about how you can make a nice and cheap a bed with his hands. You do not need special knowledge, and for the design, we will use the materials at hand, that there in every gardener.

There are gardeners who used to design bottles, tires, old boots and the like recycled. But it seems to me that such beds look sloppy. Therefore, today we will focus on classic materials.

1. A flower bed of old stump

If you are in the garden there is a stump, do not rush to his stump. From it can make a great flower that naturally fit into the landscape of your site. In the presence of chain saws, the creation of such beds will take no longer than one day.

The entire process of creating a fit in a few steps:

  • Thoroughly clean old stump of bark, moss and other undergrowth;
  • Align the saw cut to a flower bed looked carefully;
  • Cut the core so as to remain around a wall thickness of 10-20 cm .;
  • Treat the stump stained or impregnated wood.

After the impregnation has dried, sleeps flowerbed our fertile soil. Everything is ready, you can plant flowers.

For normal air and the water balance on the sides of the stump can be made inconspicuous several through holes. Through them will come away oxygen and excessive moisture.

2. A flower bed of logs

From the old massive logs is also possible to build a flower bed. This will require a chainsaw, an ax, a chisel and a little diligence.

  • Firmly anchoring the beam and mark up the next cut for flowers;
  • Sawn cut around the perimeter of the future, as well as mesh;
  • Next, take an ax and cut down all the excess wood;
  • Trimming chisel cut;
  • Process the log impregnation or stain;

As in the case of a flowerbed from the stump, in the log is better to make a few drainage holes. So we can provide the colors most favorable environment for growth and development.

3. A flower bed of pegs

A flower bed of pegs is very easy to perform, but it is beautiful and practical. Everything you need to create it, it's fine Round logs, saw and ax.

It is necessary to cut the log into smaller pegs and cut them in half. We are trying to drive the pegs next to each other in the form of the future flower beds.

On the reverse side beds, pieces of wood can be fastened with screws and a metal flight. So the design will be stronger.

Once the circuit is ready to flower beds, sleeps the entire space of fertile soil and planted flowers. Additional drainage holes do not need to be replaced by the gap between the pegs.

4. A flower bed of stones

Of the stones can be laid out the entire Alpine mountain, and you can make a small flower bed. These beds are excellent for any site, since completely made of natural materials.

You can use stones of all types and sizes to create flower beds. Appearance will depend only on your imagination.

Also beds, rocks and can execute the track bed. Made in the same style plot looks very impressive.

If you decide to arrange the stones whole plot, it is better to buy with delivery. Search gems on their own - a very laborious process that takes a lot of time.

5. Flowerbed - overturned bucket

Make a bed from an inverted bucket is not difficult, but it will look very impressive. In this fashion you can formalize the whole plot.

To create such a flower bed is better to use a wooden bucket or a small barrel. Metal counterparts will look out of place. Since the bucket does not need to be sealed, it can be made with your own hands. You will need a pair of metal rings and a few meters of the board.

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