Getting rid of the overgrown cherry and plum: eliminate the causes

  • Dec 27, 2019

The emergence of shoots - this is the first sign that the main tree is going through hard times. It is believed that growth can only be the old trees, but it is not. Young seedlings too, is capable of giving growth, if they are in unfavorable conditions.

There are several main reasons for the emergence of seedlings.

  • The roots of the tree too close to the surface;
  • Strong mechanical damage to the barrel and skeletal tree branches;
  • Damage to the root system;
  • Violation of the exchange of nutrients or their strong deficit.

Growth hampered not only by us but also by the trees. She takes the lion's share of the nutrients and minerals that go to the growth and development of new shoots. It turns out that the tree, so going through hard times, begins to receive less much needed trace elements. If you want to keep the "main trunk" from the shoots need to urgently get rid of.

How to get rid of the overgrown

From the shoots must be disposed of in two stages. Otherwise, the fight can last indefinitely and will not bring any results.

1. remove growth

Based on my practice, I can say that the crop growth shears on the ground - it is impossible. This is even more aggravate the situation.

Shoots removed at the first appearance at the root. To this end, unearth escape root and crop it so that does not remain even a small stump.

This procedure is carried out with all the shoots, without exception.

2. Eliminate the cause of the shoots

After all the growth will be mechanically removed, it is necessary to remove the cause of its occurrence.

  • If the cause of the exposed roots are, they must fill with a thick layer of fertile soil;
  • If the cause of damage is the trunk, it must be treated and to cover;

Begin to care for the tree - in time to fertilize, to defend themselves against pests and adverse weather conditions. A healthy culture overgrown does not.

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