How to get rid of the snakes in the area: a safe and affordable way

  • Dec 27, 2019
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The appearance of a poisonous snake at their summer cottage - the news is not pleasant. Despite the fact that these reptiles are not prey on people who suffer from this neighborhood and everyone can. Particular risk children. Crawling through the bushes and old logs, they can accidentally hurt the snake, which does not hesitate to strike back.

Snakes do not just creep up on garden plots. The main reasons for migration:

  • Food. Snakes eat small rodents and some insects that live in abundance in suburban areas;
  • asylum. Compost pits, piles of logs and wood, piles of garbage - all this attracts reptiles, where they can stay and live on a permanent basis;
  • Development of surrounding areas. If next to the plot there is a forest or abandoned territory, snakes can crawl out in search of new places;
  • Escape from danger. There are cases when a forest fire drove in housing estates whole flocks of snakes, turning life into a nightmare gardeners. The same can occur during cutting and development of forests.

Of course, it is best to prevent the appearance of snakes. You can do this by getting rid of rodents and tidy up the area. But if all the reptiles chosen territory, from which urgently need to get rid of.

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As with snake expel portion

Some gardeners recommend to watch for the serpent and cut it with a shovel. I highly do not recommend it because the snake is very agile and fast creature. If you will not find it by surprise, the chance to deal with it will be very small. You run the risk of severely damaged after such an unsuccessful hunt. Despite the fact that a viper venom rarely fatal, medical care will need exactly. Do not risk your health. Better safe methods to get rid of such a neighbor. There are basically two:

  • Create adverse conditions for living;
  • Find natural enemy.

Method 1. Podselyaem natural enemy

The main enemy of the snakes in our forests - a European Hedgehog. This little hunter is a real threat to the Vipers. Poison hedgehogs virtually no effect, and the agile predator and agile.

Therefore, if you have a garden snake moved, it is best to draw a hedgehog section. Reptile will not be able to live with a neighbor. Hedgehog or banish the snake, or destroy.

Create favorable conditions for the life of hedgehog is not difficult. He needed only a simple shelter and food. For information on how to settle this animal in their area can be found in any gardening magazine.

Method 2. Create unfavorable conditions

Snakes do not like noise and sharp pungent odor. Therefore, our task is to create for them an unfavorable environment.

  • make noise. It's enough to make a simple garden turntable - rattle. Make it possible from old bottles, poles and small nuts. It is important to create a constant annoying noise;
  • spread the smells. Snakes can not tolerate the smell of ammonia, naphthalene, mustard, diesel and cheap perfume. Soaked rags or powders scatter near the site of the snakes habitat. This will create unbearable living conditions and reptiles soon leave the site.

I hope these simple and safe ways to help you solve the problem with the snakes.

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