Useful application old utensils cottage

  • Dec 27, 2019

We all eventually accumulate a lot of old crockery and cutlery. Often, we are transported to the cottage, and the part is collecting dust in closets and lockers. In this article I want to talk about how you can turn a few old cups, saucers, forks and spoons into useful devices, which would have to spend money.

1. The original bird feeders

It appears, from the old cups and saucers can get the original bird feeders (Pictured above). To do this, carefully drill (Drill for tile) hole in the wall of the cup and saucer in the middle. Seal all possible conventional bolt and nut. If the hand is not a drill, you can use super glue for dishes.

Despite its reliability, design better not to hang over crowded places. First, the birds will leave traces of life. Secondly, there is always a chance to fall in the case of heavy dishes, the results can be dire. Be careful.

It is said that you can use any items of the service, even tea teapot. Who at that fancy enough.

2. The hooks of the old forks and spoons

From old forks and spoons can make great hooks for towels and light clothing. There is only one caveat - it is better not to use aluminum utensils. They bend easily and quickly become useless.

Hooks will look spectacular, if you make them from the same instrument.

Bend fork or spoon is best around the metal pipe. So all the hooks are the same.

3. Pots for colors

Improvised pots for flowers can be made from almost any dishes. Suitable cups, bowls, salad bowls, teapots, and even the samovar. The main thing - do not forget to drill a hole in the bottom for water and air.

Thus, on the windowsill, you can gather a flower service. A flowering alpine hill to decorate the samovar.

4. original lamps

From old blunt metal graters can make original fixtures. Enough to drill a hole in the handle, thread the wire into it with a cartridge and a light bulb and hang somewhere in the summer kitchen and the gazebo. Quite practical and very unusual.

The same can be done with any other transparent utensils or colander.

5. Mosaic glassware

Shards of colored flat plates can be used as a mosaic. Thus the stage is decorated with the house, the foundation stones, benches, bridges and more.

It is important to properly lubricate the rough edges grout, or you can later cut his hand. To create patterns using the most common tile adhesive and grout cheap. Experimenting with colors and sizes of the fragments, it is possible to get the most unexpected designs.

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