Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 3)

  • Dec 27, 2019

For someone it is a regular plastic bottle waste, which is sent directly to the trash. And for someone - a useful secondary raw materials from which to make a lot of practical things and mechanisms. Perhaps crafts from bottles do not look very aesthetically pleasing and can not be compared to the design of the purchase counterparts, but they are no less practical, and most importantly - absolutely free.

In this article I want to describe another 3 ways beneficial use of plastic bottles at his dacha.

1. Creating a water trough

excellent gutter can come from old plastic bottles. Such a device is suitable for both home and any outbuildings. Homemade trough water has advantages before the purchase-mass counterparts:

  • Not quite worth any money;
  • The trough is made of such a length that is needed. The store will feature only 1-2 options, which subsequently have to cut;
  • Taking a different bottle, we can make any size gutters. In the shop there is only one standard version;
  • In winter and spring metal trough arches and often breaks. Often, they can not be repaired. But the bottle is easy to replace with new ones. Quite practical;
  • If necessary, the trough of the bottle can be bent, it is problematic to do with the purchased metal counterparts;

It is very easy to launder. We need to cut off the neck of the bottle and the bottom. Resulting cylinder cut in half so that we've got 2 of the same trough. Details of the chute are formed to overlap each other and are sewed thick fishing line or wire. After that, the entire structure is fastened to the rail by means of small nails.

To eliminate the leak, into the gutter is better to put a thick film. This ensures tightness of the structure.

Chute is hung on the lower end of the metal hooks in the direction of overlap.

2. Creating a drainage pipe

We get a good bottle of drain pipe, which can be used in conjunction with a chute or separate from it. The advantages of this design are almost the same as that of the chute. We can make the tube of any length and diameter for free.

You can make any pipe bandwidth. Is regulated by means of the neck of the bottle - than it is already, the lower the bandwidth of our water artery.

3. garden path

From the bottoms of plastic bottles can be lay out an excellent garden path. Of course, this option gives the convenience of paving tile, but it does not require money.

In order to make such a track, it is necessary to trim the bottom of the bottle with the edges of 3-4 cm in height. Flattening the soil and pour thick top layer of sand. After that, we put our bottoms in such a way as to obtain the similarity of paving slabs. Over time, the bottles go into the ground and get a solid foundation. This track is not eroded by water and does not rot. It turns very practical coating.

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