Use old newspapers and cardboard for the benefit of the garden (part 2)

  • Dec 27, 2019

In my previous article I have described 7 Ways to beneficial use old newspapers and cardboard in the garden. Today I would like to continue with this topic.

1. Creating the seed tape

From one system of paper can make a few meters the seed tape. To do this, cut into paper thin ribbons of width 1.5 cm and glue them the seeds with the help of glue. It can be prepared independently of the water and flour (starch). The distance between the seeds depends on their size. Small seeds are a 5 - 10 mm apart, while the average of 10-20 mm.

After the paste dries, the tape can be folded and sent for safekeeping until the crop.

Before you send the seed tape for storage, it should be signed. Otherwise the spring will be difficult to remember what and where you are stuck.

After landing, newsprint decomposes rapidly saturating the soil cellulose. Do not be alarmed, the ink no longer contain heavy metals, so it is absolutely harmless to seeds.

2. Winterizing trees

Newspapers can be used for thermal insulation of fruit trees. Before the cold weather, wrap the trunk of 4-5 layers of paper and tightly secure the rope. To protect against moisture, the top newspapers can be wound plastic film.

The best time for this insulation - the end of November, beginning of December. It is necessary to choose the period when the rains have passed, but the strongest permanent cold has not yet begun.

This insulation protects the bark of large fluctuations in temperature, preventing it from cracking.

3. Traps for slugs and snails

Of old newspapers can get excellent traps for slugs and snails. To do this, make a small shelter made of paper - small houses (you can just roll into a tube). Soak them and lay on the bed.

In the afternoon, when the street will be hot and dry, slugs will rush into our traps in search of refuge. Later in the afternoon, about 5-6 hours, you need to collect houses of pests and bring far off-site.

If the heat of the day dry traps, they can be wetted with water again. This will further attract snails and slugs.

4. Ripening tomatoes

Harvest tomatoes can be left to mature in the newspapers. For this purpose, each wrap the fruit in the cut sheet and fold on storage at room temperature. This will allow the fruit to ripen more quickly, and you will probably enjoy the ripe tomatoes.

It is said that this method is not only suitable for tomatoes, but also for many other fruits and vegetables.

5. Glass cleaner

Newspapers are ideal as disposable "rags" to clean the glass greenhouse. Dust, earth and various shoots immediately spoil sponges and other professional tools. Most rational to use in this case a disposable material, e.g., paper. In addition, the newspaper does not leave streaks and lint.

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