Getting rid of whiteflies "without problems": a cheap and effective way to

  • Dec 27, 2019

Certainly every gardener at least once in my life encountered such unpleasant pests like whitefly. This tiny insect settles in the greenhouse and starts at an unprecedented pace to destroy any vegetation. White butterflies, the word small pumps suck the juice from the leaves of vegetable crops. In large quantities, these insects can destroy whole beds.

Whiteflies are true champions in reproduction speed. One female of this pest lays 100 to 130 eggs, which after a month there are new fighters.

Start a fight with this pest is necessary immediately after his arrival, after a month it may be that there is nothing to save already.

The emergence of whitefly accompanied oppressed plant species, the appearance of yellow spots, as well as the sustained growth of crops.

I, too, faced with this threat and I can say that far all attempts have been successful struggle. Machining of the leaves with soap solution was so inconvenient and difficult that I almost immediately abandoned it. Glue traps worked, were killed by insects, whiteflies but do not become less. Various kinds of infusions, including yarrow, impressive results did not give. And to use a strong chemistry in I did not want a greenhouse.

A method that helped me

In the end, after all my attempts to get rid of this pest, to help ordinary fumigator come. At that time they were already quite popular and often sold in local trains.

I held out extension cord in the middle of the greenhouse, put the socket on brick and stuck it fumigator. It was the usual plate of insects that used the house for mosquito control. Fumigator I left on all night. By morning, all the insects were killed in the greenhouse, including whitefly. For prevention, I spent two more such procedures within the next month. Most of these small butterflies did not bother me.

Here's a simple, accessible and cheap way.

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