I managed to get rid of lice in the garden: a personal experience

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I want to describe a personal experience in dealing with such common weeds like chickweed. This herb is often used in folk medicine, so many gardeners leave small thickets in their area. And I was a hotbed of woodlice. However, I have applied this herb is not for recipes of traditional medicine. Was added in a basin of warm water when the soap feet. I made of it a kind of loofah: dirt washes well and nice legs. But it's not about that.

I contained a breeding ground for lice near the beds. Periodically weed grew, but I control the process. All excess was removed quickly, so much trouble has never been with him. But it was the year when for health reasons I was able to "open season" only in the middle of summer. Arriving at the cottage, I found that my wood louse has already begun to capture the beds. It was an unpleasant surprise.

It is said that outside of the beds I have a fairly acidic soil, so Multiped felt just fine. And not only wood louse. In another year, I was a real war with wireworm, which also prefers acidic environment.

Of course, I asked my husband to take care of the bugs and make the necessary prevention, but it is apparently doing just renovated baths.

As a result, I was faced with the fact that I needed to get rid of quite impressive field woodlice. Although landings in the year I did not have much to leave the weed is not wanted.

I managed to get rid of lice

Since the situation was quite neglected, the usual weeding was not the end. After removal of weeds and their roots, I proceeded to the soil deoxidation.

soil deoxidation

Deoxidize the soil, I decided not only on the beds themselves, but close to them. Otherwise the problem would be repeated again. To this end, I bought the most simple device for determining the acidity of the soil. It cost about 500 rubles, and then very quickly broke down. But, with the help of this device I was able to determine that the ground was the beds themselves mildly, but outside - acidic. So I dug up the ground and start making slaked lime.

There, where there is a high acidity, I amended by 650 grams of lime per 1 sq. m. ground. This is a fairly large dose, it was very important not to overdo it. On the beds themselves, where the soil has been mildly, I amended by 500 grams per 1 sq. m.

If you make the soil too much lime, plants deteriorate digestibility of several trace elements that have a negative impact on their growth and development.


After Multiped was removed, and the soil desalted, it was necessary to prevent re-emergence of the weed. After all, part of the roots were still in the ground. For this, I dug over the whole land zamulchirovat thick layer of hay. Fortunately, I have had it since last year. This should not be allowed to go up weed again.

acted method. The following year, wood louse on this site is no longer growing.

The original of this article, as well as other materials about the weeds, you can find on my site - How to get rid of lice in the garden: a personal experience