As with the display portion shrew: rustic method

  • Dec 27, 2019

Despite the fact that the shrew consumes a huge amount of harmful caterpillars, slugs and insects, it is very harmful portion of its underground passages. For small plants, this creature is a real danger. In the process of digging it affects a significant part of the root system, which can lead to a culture of death. Root, who meet on the way, too, will not remain intact.

Prompt shrew knows no barriers during foraging. And she needs to eat constantly.

Gardeners invented many methods of combating this pest. But the most effective, I think only one. It appeared long before chemistry, traps and ultrasonic repellents. This method is often used in the villages where the shrew could plow entire gardens. It is based on intolerance beast smell of rotten fish.

The method

The method is very simple. It is necessary to dig up a few moves that dug this pest, and throw back the fish waste - the head, guts. The smell of rotting fish fills the passages, and the shrew will be forced to leave the occupied territory. Such a method works for repelling moles.

The method only works when all the tunnels are filled with an unpleasant odor. And for this we need to throw the fish moves in all corners of the land. It's not easy, but the result will not take long.

The fish can be replaced

If the hand is not a fish, it can be replaced with naphthalene, kerosene or even ammonia. Enough to take old rags, impregnate them with fragrant liquids and also throw in the passages of this pest.

This simple and affordable way to help get rid of the shrew or slightly better than the modern ultrasonic repellents.

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