Can I use old newspapers to compost?

  • Dec 27, 2019

None of the garden is not complete without a compost pit. It is an excellent tool gets rid of waste and get the natural fertile land. However, there is one "but." The final quality of the fertilizer will depend directly on the compost material. That is, from what we put into the pit.

There are conventional waste, that are perfect for composting and agree all gardeners. These include weeds (without seeds and roots), tops, some food waste, etc. And there is the controversial component, about which some gardeners say - "can", while others - "no". One of such waste include old newspapers. Among gardeners present dispute erupted when it comes to adding this material into compost.

In this article, I want to put an end to this dispute. Anyway, this is my opinion.

Can I use the compost for the newspaper?

The only negative, which they say the opponents of the use of newspapers in the compost, the content in the paint of harmful substances. With the benefit of no one argues the paper itself. Whether in the printing ink contains so many harmful ingredients?

I began to study this issue and here come to any conclusion. Indeed, earlier in the paint to add many harmful substances, including heavy metals such as lead. However, these times are long gone and now in the printing inks are used. Therefore, the paper can be safely used as a raw material for compost.

However, it is a simple newsprint, not glossy. Glossy paper can not be used to make compost.

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