A procedure that helps fruit trees easier to survive the winter

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this short article I want to tell you about a very simple but extremely important procedure that helps trees survive the winter favorably and quickly recover from the frost. It goes on mulching tree trunks and pruning branches, and the mandatory fall watering.

Before come cold and the temperature drops below zero, the trees need to shed water well. They must absorb a lot of moisture, so in cold not to feel time 'thirst'. In other branches are brittle, and the tree itself will gradually "dry."

Winter tree nowhere to get the necessary moisture to live. Therefore, it must be reserved in advance it.

Watering is necessary after the yellow and the leaves begin to fall off, but before the first sub-zero temperatures.

This procedure is particularly important if the autumn is warm and arid. In this case the trees is difficult to stock up moisture from the soil water. We must help them in this.

How much water you need to be watered?

Trees have an extensive root system and consume a lot of moisture. Minimal watering rules:

  • Sapling - 40 - 45 liters;
  • Trees 5-10 years - 45 - 60 liters of water;
  • Trees of 10 years - 65 - 85 liters of water;

Pour water need to circle a radius of 1.5 meters around the trunk. You can make a small "wall" of the land, that water is not poured, and went into the ground around the tree. Remember that the roots are at a depth of 0.5 to 1 meter. Therefore, if the soil is very dry, it is better to increase the irrigation rate of 20-30%.

This simple procedure will allow the trees to get the necessary amount of moisture and is easy to recover from the frost.

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