The use of potato peelings in the garden. Waste that benefit

  • Dec 27, 2019

Potato peelings - it's not just garbage, and useful food waste, which are widely used by vacationers on their garden plots. In this article I will discuss the most common method of application of this product.

1. Fertilizing and fertilizers

Potato purification may serve as an excellent fertilizer for most summer crops. They are used both in fresh and in dried form. Contained in the purification starch have liked many bushes, for example, currants.

1.1. Fertilizer for currant

As mentioned earlier, currants loves dressing with starch. It is hardly possible to find something better than potato peelings. From these berries are big and sweet.

Feed currants very simple. In the spring or early summer, under bushes drip dry potato peelings. Just be careful at the time of digging and not to damage the roots.

Also, currant bushes can feed broth of potato peelings. For this purpose, pour hot water cleaning, cooled to outdoor temperature and pour the bush.

1.2. Fertilizer for raspberries

Except currants, from potato peelings fertilizers are very fond of shrubs of raspberries and blackberries. From such feedings berries are sweeter.

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Fertilize the berries need to spring, while loosening the soil. Add the crushed potato peelings into the ground near the bushes.

1.3. Fertilizer for cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers

Potato peels are an excellent fertilizer for all members of the gourd family. I recall that in this family include:

  • cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • Cabbage;
  • Pumpkin;
  • other.

Potato peelings are shredded and soaked for a long time. The resulting slurry is necessary to mix thoroughly until smooth. This fertilizer can be used as before planting and during the growth and development of plants.

Please note that representatives of the nightshade family, fed potato peelings can not. This can lead to infection of the common diseases.

2. Pest

Few gardeners know that you can use potato peels also as bait for the pests.

Finely chop the fresh scrapings and thinly spread out them in a large plate. Leave the bait at night. In the morning it will meet a lot of parasites, which you can make off-site and destroy. Thus struggling with slugs, wireworm and even the Colorado potato beetle.

If you set these baits around the area for a week you will notice that the above-mentioned pests will bother you much less.

There is an opinion that the potato peelings attract rodents, particularly mice. Therefore, if you have problems with these pests, you should not use such lures.

3. Compost

Except fertilizers and baits, potato peels are great for composting. Also, like many other food waste, they quickly turn into a fertile, rich soil micronutrients.

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