Getting rid of the root overgrown lilac: how to solve the problem for good

  • Dec 27, 2019

Root growth lilac can deliver a lot of problems even experienced gardeners. Cope is not as easy as it seems to her.

In this article I want to talk about how to defeat unwanted shoots ever. The method is quite radical, but fully available and inexpensive.

Why lilac shoots appear

In order to permanently solve the problem with the shoots, you must first understand the reason of its occurrence.

Good life growth does not appear in the bushes. It is a consequence of:

  • lack of moisture. When lilac is suffering from a shortage of water, it begins to take root as close as possible to the ground. There, where the soil is often saturated with rain water. As a result, such a development of the root system leads to the emergence of seedlings;
  • roots become exposed;
  • excessive pruning. This is one of the most common causes of shoots. If you remove too many branches, lilac will experience severe stress, the consequence of which will be new shoots;
  • physical damage. Mechanical and thermal damage to the shrub can cause the appearance of seedlings;
  • diseases.

Before we deal with shoots, make sure that there are no obvious reasons for its occurrence. Otherwise, the struggle can be carried indefinitely.

Whether effective chemistry

In large enough quantities chemistry really effectively destroys growth. With this you can not argue.

But, I do not advocate the use of herbicides. I believe that any chemicals do not just disappear. After the drug is washed off by rain and is absorbed into the ground, and then carried by the waters of the soil throughout the site.

Most manufacturers claim that drugs are harmless. But, seeing how they are destroying the plants in this little hard to believe. Although, I could be wrong.

Effectively manual removal

Cut down growth is useless, it will appear each season until the land is the root system. In order to get rid of the problem by mechanical means, it is necessary to dig up all the roots and sift the ground. This method is suitable only in the case when the main bush cut down, and in its place there are always new shoots.

If you want to keep the main bush, mechanical removal of the overgrown will not bring any effect. If done correctly, the situation will improve, but the problem persists. If we make mistakes, there will be more overgrown.

But just I want to say that the removal of roots lilacs out of the ground - work is not easy. It will take a lot of patience and physical strength. It is not necessary to console themselves with the fact that the roots are relatively close to the surface. It will not be easy task.

How to solve the problem for good

If you visited the lilacs and found no obvious causes of shoots - all is not lost. There is a way that you get rid of unwanted shoots. The method is quite hard, but there is no alternative.

Take for lilac small area. Usually, it is a circle with a radius of 80-120 cm. depending on the size of the bush. Along the edge of a designated area is excavated groove depth of 40 cm. It was at such a distance from the ground is the main mass of roots.

The groove is installed a metallic shield. (If no metal, plastic can be used at least 2 mm thick). Obstruction is secured with a bent metal pegs and digs.

Such a harsh measure does not allow the roots to grow and produce growth. But, I still advise primarily address the causes of the appearance. Perhaps such a radical method you do not need.

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