My effective way to protect cherries from aphids, weevils and caterpillars

  • Dec 27, 2019

Throughout the summer, the cherry is subject to attack sets pests. Today I will tell my way of dealing with the most popular of them. It's about aphids, caterpillars and weevil.

1. Protect cherries from aphids

Aphid is one of the worst enemies of cherries. Huge colonies of these small insects capable of inflicting serious damage and even kill the tree. Stumbling in groups, sucking aphids from the leaves of all the nutrients, causing them to wither and die.

If aphids bit, you can handle the plant by folk remedies, such as:

  • Infusion of the bow;
  • Infusion of dandelion;
  • The infusion of tobacco;
  • The ash solution.

Especially effective in treating such a period from the onset of the kidneys to form the buds.

If aphid has already precipitated a tree, it is unlikely to help folk remedies. As I would not be sad to say it, but have to use store bought pesticides. The thing is that I try to keep only a subsistence economy, so the chemistry of use is very rare. But, in this case, its use is justified.

Handle can be like Inta-Vir and sparks. You can buy them in any gardening store. cost:

  • Inta-Vir - about 20-40 rubles per pack;
  • Spark - about 50-70 rubles.

Should apply according to the instructions that are included with each facility. Do not treat the cherries before you'll reap the harvest, it can be harmful to humans.

2. Protect cherries from weevil

Start a fight with the weevil is necessary even in the fall. This beetle overwinters in the ground next to the cherry, so our task is to destroy it at the stage of transition to winter. To do this, you need to loosen a bit and dig up the ground around the tree.

When spring comes, the remaining bugs must be manually removed from the trees and destroy. Do it best early in the morning, when the temperature does not exceed 11-13 degrees.

If weevils still managed to survive, you need to use chemicals. For example, the same Inta-Vir, about which wrote above. The use according to instructions.

One can not underestimate this pest, it brings a lot of problems. Weevils damage the tree throughout the period of flowering, fruit formation and fruiting.

3. Protect cherries from caterpillars

At the beginning of the season when trees and plants are just beginning to come to life, a cherry moth caterpillars attack. They feed on buds, young shoots and leaves. Dangerous this pest in the damaged leaves look as if hit by spring frosts. Therefore, it is often difficult to understand what was going on.

Fight them traditional methods is difficult, almost no effect. Therefore, it is necessary to use chemicals again. Diluted 1 tablet Intal Vir 10-12 liters of water and treated wood. In this case we again saves chemicals.

Summing up, I can say that in order to control pests on cherries, most effective to use the purchase chemicals. If you handle it 2-3 weeks before harvesting, any harm it will bring.

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