How to awaken dormant buds orchid 2 effective ways

  • Dec 24, 2019
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Exotic flowers orchids, like multi-colored butterflies, attracted many fans of indoor plants. In our country, this flower became truly popular. However, we should not forget that in nature orchid grows in moist forests of Southeast Asia, Australia and the Philippines. Therefore, climate and care of the flower have some special features.

Dormant buds orchid placed in heavy flakes in the leaf axils at the roots of a base or directly on the stem. Under optimum conditions, the content of the healthy plants are "sleeping". To begin shoot growth they need to "wake up". You can do this by creating a certain stress conditions or using stimulants.

Create conditions for the awakening of the kidneys

In order to create the conditions for the revival of the kidneys, you must create a special microclimate in one room, where the flower grows. The room temperature during the day should be at around 27 to 30 degrees, and at night lowered to a level of 15 to 17 degrees.

The flower must be removed from direct sunlight to partial shade. Thus, the humidity must be greatly increased. This can be done through regular spraying, the tray with water or household humidifier. In addition, with each second watering orchid should feed complex fertilizer with a predominance of nitrogen.

Artificially stimulate the awakening

Kidney-up can use artificial stimulation. For this purpose, the plant is treated with special hormonal compositions such as paste cytokinin, succinic acid or zircon. The paste once abundant (about 1.5-2 mm bead size) is applied to the kidneys after removing the coating flakes. Succinic acid or zircon for two months added to water for irrigation following the instructions on the package.


Stimulation dormant buds should be carried out only after the flowering period. Also, do not engage in this procedure with the young orchids.

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