As the mastic is FUM tape Plumber

  • Dec 28, 2019

Using tape FUM plumber, sealing all joints running water, it's like not to respect themselves. This is due to several factors:

1) high probability leaking joints and re-dial application. Loss of time or reputation.

2) Node has collected on fumke high mobilityWhen dealing with a single compound begin to move others podmotannye tape connection. Sliding compound usually begins to flow. As a consequence we have to repack all the threads.

But sometimes, FUM tape at podmatyvanii plastic thread is not possible to find a replacement. This is due to the physical properties fumki:

  1. When wet, unlike flax, it does not expandIs its plus and minus at the same time, respectively, does not tear the plastic fittings with internal thread.
  2. Foum lighter packaging tape, plastic thread, due to its uniform structure, Compared with flax.

Accordingly, the only reasonable way to utilize PTFE sealing material yavletsya podmatyvanie plastic pipeline components and transition metal-plastic.

As the mastic is FUM tape

For example, it is necessary to make such a reliable connection to a tank of the toilet.

There is no flexible hoses. Instead, suitable metal-plastic pipe and through the metal fitting is twisted in the plastic, water-filled fixture. So as not to spoil the soft plastic thread of linen, use fumku.

Especially for our readers channel "Timothy Michaels" Take a picture of a close-up of the process of laying the tape on the threads.

Take fumku in yellow packaging, it is the most popular, cheap. It costs only 20 rubles. FUM tape in a white package of the same quality.

When viewing a computing system images are clickable.

picture 1 The width of the tape on the threads begin tightly FUM stack, holding his thumb.

photo 2 Cheap tape is very thin, so I had to cheat 15 times. Until the base of the thread does not align with the top of the expense of filling tape.

picture 3 Last round, ribbon, little bump on the end of the tube. In order to wrap the response at lower fitting fumka slid.

picture 4 I make an effort thumb keep FUMku wound, so it does not rotate. Second hand cranking start fitting.

The third point is not mandatory, because the possibility exists of cutting the tape in the pipeline).

Further tightens Fittings key. If the fitting is twisted without effort is clocked a little tape, a high probability of leakage.

Application fum tape is justified only when using plastic threads. Flax mastic is on the plastic is not recommended, because the expansion may damage flax fittings with an internal thread, through expansion thereof upon contact with water.

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