Builder critical error spoils the life of the residents, photo report

  • Dec 28, 2019

Recently, a lady invited me to (sanitary) sewer clean it. From such invitations I usually do not refuse. This is my income. In her apartment had pretty sweat to clean her pipes with his instrument. Subsequently, the pipe clogged again, to solve this problem if it will be able to invest in the repair quite a round sum.

With this arrangement of sewer pipes in a relatively new house for the first time encountered. Notice in the photo.

Horizontally sewer pipe socket 10 cm above the floor level, which leads to insufficient draining fecal liquids from the toilet. This is the first problem.

View from the right. Where are we in Russia without the bricks, wire and blue electrical tape, if it is sarcasm.

For the system to operate without leakage, it was smeared thick sealant layer at the exit of "white friend" which has already dries and falls off.

But this is the consequences of such a high Zadran bell sewer riser ends, here's a photo, a general plan.

Left toilet, with him we understand. With the right bathtub, forced zadranaya 15 cm. from the floor. Especially the welded metal structure. To properly blended liquid from the bath after taking rejuvenation, water treatments.

But even in this case, out of the tub drain is not correct, the water is not completely drained. For the spatial orientation of the packed water meter, so it will be easier to orient you on the scale of "disaster".

From the words of owner of the apartment she bought this apartment recently when buying did not pay attention to the location of the pipes, everything works fine.

I was most worried about this question: in what condition should have been a plumber to make installation of the pipeline in a new building (house 5 years)? Well, installers missed with a hangover, nakosyachili. But why the previous owner has not corrected this situtsiyu, should only invite installers with the organization builder to correct the defect, the house was under warranty for five years. But no, we are "proud", it is easier to frame bath do and suffer all the time from clogged.

As a result, the hostess advised hut Apartments will appeal to the management company. Or negotiate with the installers and their neighbors from the bottom to the shortening of the riser.

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