I bought the cheapest screwdriver. Chinese German testing black screws failed.

  • Dec 28, 2019
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In large DIY stores are constantly found a tool at a very low price. By doing so, they attract the attention of potential customers and reinforces in the minds of consumers' loyalty to him. Not everyone dares to buy power tools at very low cost, without knowledge of the pricing, we know that a good tool can not be too cheap.

I took a chance and bought a cheap screwdriver for 1000 p.

Drill Kolner KCD 12
Drill Kolner KCD 12

I became very interested, that can be purchased for 1000 rubles. What he is is and whether you deshmanskuyu acquire such equipment? The choice fell on the German brand "Kolner" These phrases should indicate the quality of the product, but it was not there...

But let's start in order, examine the content of the box for 1000 ruble:

  • Shurika body
  • Batteries alone pieces.
  • Charging on 14 volts, 400 milliamps
  • Instructions. Oddly enough, but I have read. From it I learned that the unit home, 15 minutes of work. Five minutes of rest.

Parse the "guts".

The design of our device is no different from the usual Shurika. But it feels cheap,

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brittle plastic casing, With a specific smell of Chinese industry. Power button without speed regulator. Push though slowly, though fast, the speed is the same. conventional engine, Not how it is remarkable, work. Nickel-cadmium battery The biggest problem with this Shurik, but I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start testing.

Chinese test performance.

Any tool should properly perform its functions, screwdriver should tighten shurupy- logical. To test pad prepared from dry pine boards, they'll turn the screws to 51 mm in length. With it, I plan to tighten about 100 pieces. "Nails with thread." Such a result would be decent for this price.

Pre-timed output voltage at full charge Clem -13.9 volts. After the test voltage has dropped to 11.83 volts.

Test data Shurik was a failure, on the 23rd of screws our Chinese Germans refused. Sorry for the revelation of the Word at the end of the movie, I could not resist.


How do you understand the basic claim to Shurik is the low capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries in 1 ampere-hour, which is also not there.

1000 ruble I purchased a headache, you must decide what to do with it, such and such options Network screwdriver,battery replacement on lithium, the more hemo .. disease below the belt. Or for spare parts -b supply, fast chuck, 12 volt motor.

Plan to buy deshmanskuyu grinders of the same company and subjected to the tests if there is an opportunity to help the author of the funds to purchase 125-LBM here's a button.

I hope I was able to bring you useful information, if this is so, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.