Plumber understand why in Germany, living standards are higher than in Russia.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Recently I was invited to replace water meters. To my surprise and joy, the client was my old friend and classmate at school. We are together with him to learn auto mechanics, after the 9th grade. For over 15 years I have not seen him since the end "Uchagi" (PTU). Having finished this institution, his parents moved to Germany with him, relatives in this country have were, as evidenced by their real German name, so moving them was painless.

Source Yandex photographic images.
Source Yandex photographic images.

At the moment he arrived at the small home in order to get rid of real estate in Russia. While I metering devices, in conversation managed to touch such topics - as there is in the "burghers"? Who works? How's the family? But the most interesting and surprising for me was talking about their orders.

Here is some of them:

  • In Germany -kachat outstanding movies and music is forbidden, if you do this, you will be easy to calculate and send the fine by mail.
  • We have- download any movies from any sites using VPN. Or anything for you it will not.
  • In Germany - unexpected for the neighbors bought a luxury car, get ready that can come from the agencies and ask your income.
  • We have- you live in a big way, squandering money right and left. Buy a helicopter, airplane, yacht you dear people.
  • In Germany footcloths salary or who can not show if the other is below the salary shall go to seek the truth and can reduce wages.
  • We have- Oh, you got more salary today "thumps" at your expense.
  • In Germany brag to a neighbor stole water, electricity be ready for the arrival of the police
  • We have - "Oh tell me how you do it, teach me"
  • In Germany take a bath big luxury, shower only. Water is expensive.
  • We have-"I stopped the counter magnet, honey can be washed much as you like"
  • In Germany after 10 pm, listen to music loudly wait for police to arrive.
  • We have- "It's okay, probably a holiday then, let the fun."

In the words of my friend is a small part of what he remembered. In Germany, no law-abiding citizen to lay the sacred cause.

Sipping tea after work done, I said goodbye to him, I think that forever. In the evening, remembering the conversation came to a disappointing conclusion.

Our generation was born in the 70-80 years of politely zonovskih - serf concepts 90s. In my subconscious is clearly information that TURN comrade, friend, neighbor, but just can not be a stranger - will supergrass! As one of blogerov- this cock action.

Before our eyes can give a bribe chinovniku- we keep silent.
Someone committed a theft-silent
Someone tosses a stack of papers into the ballot box - silent
Someone gets drunk behind the wheel, we are silent. This list can be continued indefinitely.

In our country, people are not afraid to commit crimes against the state and people, because a high probability that no one will not give up. If and surrender, then otmazhutsya corruption in the system of state power.

As a result, no matter how strange squealing but allows you to keep a lid on low human vices such as theft and bribery, so the law-abiding people in Germany, respectively the country highly.

Russia will destroy corruption, with the tacit consent of the people.

From the article it can be concluded that the knock necessary and even helpfulBut that it would be desirable not to be Pavlik Morozov. These are my thoughts, it is interesting to know what you think about it.