Specially spins black screws in the water.

  • Dec 28, 2019

When working with plastic pipes, we can use a variety of life hacking. About them I am telling on your channel. Today, as we will talk about tricks, and for some of blasphemy, when using polypropylene pipes.

When the repair of apartments is not uncommon screws falling into a hidden line of plastic panels. Usually after this "cant" of the pipeline must be changed. Which leads to additional costs and time. In this case the screw in the pipe -zlo.

You see screw? Not? And it is.
You see screw? Not? And it is.

But occasionally have to deliberately twist the screw into the tube. As in this apartment, the former debtor. cm. a photo. They are a long time did not pay utility bills due to certain life circumstances. And accumulated a debt of $ 210 thousand rubles. The management company was forced shut off utilities services- electricity and hot water also threatened to block the drains!

Useful to know - off the cold water for any amount of debt is prohibited.
DHW shutdown.
DHW shutdown.

Debtors was able to negotiate with the management company on installment payment of debt. I sent them to connect hot water and I usually come across here with this picture see. a photo. The tap is closed, sealed plug. Immediately cut off the plug is reckless act. A high probability of failure of the crane. In this case, the flood is provided.

life hacking

To determine whether there is water pressure in the pipe I wrap the pipe screw until the middle of the tube. Making a "hole" in the pipe-wrenching screw. After this operation, there are two scenarios.

1) With a small hole pour vodichka, in this case the screw back wrap and is generally eliminated leakage. Next, look for opportunities to shut off the riser.

2) Since holes are not pouring the liquid, so you can safely cut off the plug.

Next, connect the conduit in the usual manner.

Even a cat in the apartment was satisfied with the work done. And I thanked her "pyatyuney".

High five.
High five.

It is also possible to use, in some cases, the screws in the cellar. But this will tell you how something next time.

I hope I was able to bring you useful information, if this is so, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.

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